Morag Tong – Last Knell Of Om

Fans of The Elder Scrolls will have some idea where Morag Tong are coming from. The Sludgy, spacey promise shown on the London quartet’s 2016 demo has been enhanced on debut album Last Knell Of Om (self-released), with an added depth and maturity emboldening a sound which is in turns throbbing and melancholic, yet full of trippy Psychedelia. Instrumental opener ‘Transmission’ is bossed by an indolent, morose bassline and swirling oscillations, while lead guitars fizz and howl melodiously over the body. The last knell of Om indeed…Continue reading

Nomasta – House of the Tiger King

House of the Tiger King (Self-Released) is a record that very much wears its influences on its sleeve. Born out of Leeds’ underground DIY scene, the members of Nomasta have put in the legwork over the past 10+ years, with vocalist/guitarist Owen Wilson and drummer Andy Richards previously being a part of the very much missed Canaya as just one of many examples. Channelling the psychedelic spirits of the likes of Mastodon, Baroness, and a huge helping of High On Fire, the UK’s new favourite sludge-mongers Nomasta have put their name to an energetic, riff-heavy, and crudely produced record that has more complexity than you would initially assume on first listen.Continue reading