Thun is back with their second album, II (Eat Lead and Die Music) picking up where they left off with even more environment-loving Lovecraftian doom metal. In fact, Thun are so environmentally focused that they are only releasing this album digitally. The band states that a digital release is the most energy-efficient way to enjoy music, feeling that producing more plastic is counterintuitive to what the album’s message is. Bonus points for the band standing up for what they believe in.

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PODCAST: Episode 76: Andrew Freeman of Last In Line on Ronnie James Dio and Supergroups

Ghost Cult caught up with Last In Line frontman Andrew Freeman a few months back to discuss the goings-on with the group, and all the ways the band made up mostly of former Ronnie James Dio’s DIO band work hard to preserve his legacy. The band also makes their own music, which is totally killer, and in their classic Heavy Metal style. We spoke to Andrew about how the group formed, the depth and songwriting of their 2019 album II (Frontiers Records SRL), opening for UFO, his approach to singing, and the band’s plans for their third album, already underway. Catch the band on their upcoming tour dates and purchase tickets at this link!

Mar 20 The Beacon Theatre Hopewell

Hopewell, VA


Mar 21 BLE Ballroom Blitz

La Fontaine Bleue, Glen Burnie, MD


Mar 22 at Penn’s Peak, with Special Guest Lynch Mob

Jim Thorpe, PA


Mar 26 at Ramona Mainstage

Ramona, CA


Mar 27 Last In Line, The Hard Way, Angeles, Love Razer, Da Vang, Royal Rebels, Kodiak

Whisky A Go-Go, West Hollywood, CA


Mar 28 at Count’s Vamp’d!

Las Vegas, NV


May 29 at Buffalo Rose

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Last In Line Share New Video, New Album, Extensive Touring Planned For 2019

Heavy Metal supergroup made up of former Ronnie James Dio collaborators on classics like Holy Diver Last In Line will release their new album II on February 22, 2019 via Frontiers Music Srl. The first single and video just dropped and it is awesome! Watch ‘Landslide’ below! The band also launched a PledgeMusic campaign for pre-oders with amazing merch bundles. Continue reading


British Columbia’s Stoner Metal dealers Under The Mountain have dropped their new album, II, today. II builds off of the strengths of their debut with killer riffs, melodic trad metal harmony vocals, thunderous beats, and sweet solos. Fans of heavy bands like Clutch, High On Fire, Red Fang, Lord Dying, and Kvelertak will love Under The Mountain from the very first taste. Check out the full album stream below! Continue reading

Grave Upheaval – Untitled (II)

There’s an element of mystery surrounding Australian duo Grave Upheaval, enhanced by the sparing title of this sophomore album (the second time they’ve left an album untitled, but let’s go with II, (Nuclear War Now!) and its similarly named tracks. It’s reinforced by a guttural, terrifying sound evident right from opener ‘I’: a Funeral crawl through a barren, infested wasteland, with a harsh ambiance and dry, feral growls leading into a pacy, Death-infused barrage. Yet despite the furious onslaught of blast beats, the blood-curdling vocal scour and rumbling background fuzz retain the omen of apocalypse.Continue reading

Inglorious – II

From the bombastic opening salvo of lead single ‘I Don’t Need Your Loving’, it is apparent that Inglorious are a rock group of a thoroughly vintage nature. Having formed in 2014 and hailing from Blighty Inglorious are rockers with a self-confessed love of 70’s rock. Continue reading

Like Rats – II

Like Rats II album cover ghostcultmag

Hailing from Chicago, Like Rats have come to utterly punish you into dust with their new LP. II (Southern Lord Records) could very well be one of the most crushing Death Metal releases in the past few years. Rather than the expected constant blast beasts and speeding riffs, they slowed it down to a rather mid-paced tempo. Essentially capturing what you could consider to be the soundtrack of punching someone in the face. II is an album that I found myself strumming my air guitar along to the constant pulverizing riffs multiple times. II definitely feels inspired by the earlier days of Death Metal. Early Celtic Frost being the shining example that comes to mind when looking for a comparison. You would expect no less for a band that shares members with Weekend Nachos.

Coming in around thirty-four minutes in length, II is a rather straight-forward album. As I mentioned, II is a mid-paced album that doesn’t slow down and rarely speeds up. You could say they played it safe with this release. There are no moments that will blow you away as to how they performed such a complicated riff and/or drum fill. I beg of you to not take it the wrong way as this is no complaint. After a few listens, I found this album to be rather enjoyable. Like Rats wasn’t aiming to be unique but they definitely recorded some refreshing death metal. In fact I feel it’s an album many may enjoy regardless where you elitist opinions lay. It’s a promising release for an up and coming band and I look forward to future material.

Like Rats has created a bruising sound that they can build on and branch out. Keep your attention on this group.




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Magrudergrind – II

Magrudergrind - II - Album cover 2016

After a handful of years away from the studio, Magrudergrind has returned with their heart-racing album, II (Relapse). For twenty-three and a half minutes, the grindcore outfit will punch you in the stomach, throw you to the ground, and then help you back up for more. I personally did not have a large sample size of the bred in Washington D.C., now in Brooklyn, NY trio prior to listening to this album, but this album has put me on a quest to find more. A perfect mix of grindcore and power violence kept me interested from start to finish with no real breaks in the action.

I always find it a bit difficult to pick out favorite songs on an album where most of the tracks are less than two minutes (not saying that is a bad thing either). One of those songs is actually just shy of three and a half minutes, ‘Black Banner.’ As one of the few points in the albums where things slow down and get heavy, this abnormally long track from Magrudergrind will have you violently head bang and then two-step all over your living room. Speaking of long songs, the other longer than typical track on the album is ‘Unit 731.’ This song starts off with that slow, heavy feel again but eventually snaps into a more traditional grindcore song. The song certainly felt like it had multiple personalities with these two sides to make up one of the more memorable tracks on II.

I was very impressed with this latest effort from Magrudergrind and probably in part that it took quite a few years to get some new material. Yet, it sounds like not a single step was lost from the group.



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