Kontinuum – No Need to Reason

Formed 2010 in Reykjavik, Kontinuum set out to release hypnotic and spiritual musical noise, and over the course of the last two albums, they’ve largely succeeded. However with third album No Need to Reason (Season of Mist) they’ve set out to tone down the noise part and have come back with a much more refined sound. From the first album Earth Blood Magic (Candlelight) and an upbeat and eclectic mix of post-rock and dreamwave influences to the more epic sounding, Sólstafir worship of Kyrr (Candlelight) they’ve clearly been a band not afraid to experiment with their sound.Continue reading

Árstíðir – Nivalis

In their native language of Icelandic, Árstíðir means “seasons”, and like the ever-changing seasons, the band’s musical stylings have never sat firmly in one singular camp. They’ve experimented with everything from Radiohead Indie Rock eccentricities to the melancholic elegance of latter day Sólstafir, and like their fellow countrymen and label mates, Árstíðir are able to effortlessly create a vivid but mysterious atmosphere.Continue reading