ALBUM REVIEW: Hyborian – Volume II

In some hypercritical sections of the Stoner world, it was suggested that Hyborian, Volume I (The Company), the debut album from Kansas City heavies Hyborian, was rescued from a certain monotony merely by some lighter, synthetic nuances. Whereas it may seem an indicator of a lack of imagination to see the follow-up named Volume II (Season of Mist), it’s an all-too-common error to assume that the content will follow the same path.Continue reading

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Hyborian – Vol. 1

In a neat twist of fate, this album is one that just missed my Top 20 for 2017 but now I get to fawn all over the reissue of the début album from Kansas City’s Hyborian. It’s called Vol. 1 (Season Of Mist) and it’s a fucking ripper. Continue reading