Metallica Drops Hints at Howard Stern – SiriusXM Show Appearance

After sharing a video of the band reuniting in-person to rehearse their classic song “Creeping Death” a few days ago, Metallica dropped hints they will appear soon on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show. Stern has been a long-time fan and supporter of Metallica, going back to the early 1990s when they first came on his radio show at WXRK/K-Rock Radio during his heyday. Metallica recently had a month long-exclusive channel play non-stop content from the band.Continue reading

Guns N’ Roses To Perform At New York City’s Apollo Theater

Guns N’ Roses recently announced new North American tour dates, and they’ve just added a very special kickoff show here in New York City. Continue reading

Steel Panther – Lower the Bar

One of the nice things about a band like Steel Panther is that, like a box of chocolates, you always know what you’re gonna get. And with the Panther, you get the chocolate too; vocalist “Michael Starr” dips right in on the opening track of Lower the Bar (Open E), dropping this little nugget of wisdom: “Sometimes the back door is the only way in.”Continue reading

Audio: GWAR Covers Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes On The Howard Stern Wrap Up Show

gwar-howard-stern-wrap-up Photo by The Howard Stern Show

GWAR appeared on the Howard Stern Wrap Up show on Halloween, and delivered an amazing cover of ‘Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes’ for all the SiriusXM subscribers. Continue reading

Video: Metallica Performs Master Of Puppets And Sad But True On The Howard Stern Show


Metallica spent yesterday morning at SiriusXM headquarters here in New York City, and before their Town Hall event with fans, they were the featured guests on The Howard Stern Show. Continue reading

Metallica Will Stream Their Show At Central Park In New York, And Perform Live On The Howard Stern Show


Metallica has landed in New York City. Continue reading

Charred Walls Of The Damned Is Streaming Creatures Watching Over The Dead Online


Charred Walls of the Damned will be releasing Creatures Watching Over the Dead on September 23rd via Metal Blade Records. Continue reading