Ulver Release New Single “Nostalgia’, New Book and Album Incoming

Ulver has been ramping up to the release of their new album, Flowers Of Evil, via their own label House of Mythology, August 28th. They are also releasing a book, and book Wolves Evolve: The Ulver Story, a 336-page book that reflects on over 25 years of Ulver history, and both the album and book can be pre-ordered at the link below. The band released a new single,  Listen and share “Nostalgia”, which you can jam out to right now. Continue reading

Nodding God – Play Wooden Child

It’ s amazing how switching a couple of letters around can turn a toy into something huge and imposing. Then there’s the spaced-out Electronica with ancient Mesopotamian lyrics…it’ s something that could only be the work of Current 93 figurehead David Tibet and, sure enough, the master experimentalist is back with new outfit Nodding God, whose debut album Play Wooden Child (House of Mythology) is a blissfully madcap echo through the cosmos. Continue reading

Ulver Prepares New Live Release, First US Shows Incoming

Ulver has announced a new live album Drone Activity, coming from their label House of Mythology on May 11th, 2019. The band has shared a new teaser video “Blood, Fire, Woods, Diamonds”. This all comes on the eve of the bands first two tour dates ever in America on March 20th and 21st. Night one of the 21st is sold out. You can get tickets for night two at the link below. Continue reading

Ulver – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Ulver’s Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (House of Mythology) stands as a kind of unofficial conclusion to the vision set out in 2017’s The Assassination of Julius Caesar, comprising a selection of cuts from the final draft, and select live recordings. Continue reading

Ulver To Release New Vinyl Of Sic Transit Gloria Mundi EP

Hot on the heels of the news of their first ever show in the USA booked for next spring. Ulver is releasing their EP Sic Transit Gloria Mundi last year in physical form for the first time by way of a 12″ upcoming on their label, House Of Mythology this December.  eir acclaimed last full length, The Assassination of Julus Ceaser, also in 2017 (both House Of Mythology). Ulver also uploaded two videos, using footage from their spectacular concert at Labirinto della Masone, Italy, last summer. Two songs, ‘Southern Gothic’ and ‘Transverberation’ from said concert have now been properly mixed, alongside ‘Nemoralia’ from Odeon Theatre, Tasmania, same summer, and finally ‘Rolling Stone’ from Grieghallen, Bergen International Festival. Pre-order the release now below. The band had to add a second show to compliment the high demand after the first show sold out in minutes. 

Continue reading


Ulver – ATGCLVLSSCAP album cover ghotcultmag

Norwegian experimental group Ulver have long since shed their early black metal leanings, and since become purveyors of the electronic, ambient, and whatever else they feel like. On their twelfth record, they’ve pushed past the boundaries and taken a misstep.

New album ATGCLVLSSCAP (House of Mythology)– an amalgamation of the first letter from each of the Zodiacs – is a mammoth 80-minute mish-mash of live improve, studio tricks and samples taken from the band’s own back catalogue. While definitely moody and atmospheric, it often feels more like a series of disjointed soundscapes than coherent album; a soundtrack to a film you’ve never seen.

England’s Hidden’ is seven and a half minutes of largely ambient horns, and sets the tone for the rest of the album. ‘Glammer Hammer’ is a nice, mellow piece that builds towards something quite epic towards the end. ‘Moody Stix’ has a haunting swampiness about it, while the electro-synth ‘Desert/Dawn’ has an aura of a retro sci-fi soundtrack to it. Some are more than decent – though largely uninteresting – but many are nothing but unforgettable. Where ‘D-D Drone’ is nine minutes you could have spent sat in silence and not noticed the difference, ‘Crogmagnosis’ settles into a moreish groove.

Though largely an instrumental album, the appearance of vocals on two of the last three tracks come as something of a surprise, and changes the tone of the record. ‘Nowhere (Sweet Sixteen)’ is a downbeat crooner bristling with melancholy, while ‘Ecclesiastes (A Vernal Catnap)’ is a piano-led number full of sorrow. Depending on how you feel about the record up to this point, they’re either a welcome respite or an unwelcome distraction.

Ultimately, ATGCLVLSSCAP is about as satisfying as it is easy to spell. It’s not unlistenable, and good for background noise. But if you want thrills, excitement, or anything that generally registers above the hum of your fridge, look elsewhere.



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