Hellyeah Premieres New Song “333”, New Album Coming In June

Hellyeah, by Originate Designs Photography

Hellyeah is streaming their brand new song right now! Starting at 8 AM today, jam out to ‘333’ all day on SiriusXM Octane and SiriusXM Liquid Metal. Their new album releases on June 28th from Eleven Seven Music Group. This will be the final Hellyeah album with Vinnie Paul Abbott who passed away last summer. The band filmed the video for ‘333’ music video on March 1 at Duff’s Alcohol Abuse Center, the most famous metal bar in Brooklyn, New York a few weeks back. ‘333’ is a tribute to both Vinnie and his brother Dimebag Darrell, who played together in Pantera and Damageplan. Hellyeah will celebrate Vinnie Paul’s life with a special performance on May 11 at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada.Continue reading

Between The Buried And Me – The Deer Hunter – Leprous Live At House Of Blues Anaheim

Norwegian hipster operatic metal: Got your attention?

Leprous, the opening act at the House of Blues, Anaheim, sure had mine with lead singer and keyboardist Einar Solberg’s crowd wooing; his Iron Maiden/Radiohead-esque harmonic vocals emanating from the stage. It felt like the band was performing a personal score to the movie of my life.Continue reading

Metal Allegiance Returns To Anaheim For Annual Metal Assault

Metal Allegiance has announced that they’ll be returning to their second home of Anaheim, California at the House Of Blues on Thursday, January 25th for their annual January metal assault.Continue reading

Killswitch Engage To Perform Live In Virtual Reality

Now this is cool! Killswitch Engage has teamed up with NextVR and Live Nation to broadcast their show on April 17th at the House of Blues in Houston live in virtual reality. Continue reading

The Darkness – Jennie Vee: Live at The House of Blues, Boston


Sunday Funday turned into Girls Night Out over the weekend when one of my best friends and I ventured into Boston to catch The Darkness. Everyone knows that you can’t have a real GNO without British men in tight pants…Or British men in no pants, as we would soon discover.

Jenny Vee, by Matt Lambert

Jenny Vee, by Matt Lambert

The only opening band was Jennie Vee. They sounded like something that you would hear in a coming of age teen movie. It would probably star Ellen Page or something. It was your typical pop rock, nothing groundbreaking or shocking. There was no way that they were going to be able to compare to the energy of The Darkness. Someone else might more interested in them than I was, their music just didn’t move me.

 The Darkness, by Matt Lambert

The Darkness, by Matt Lambert

I had not seen The Darkness since the Hot Cakes (Wind-Up) tour, where they played a small venue called The Paradise. That show had been absolutely insane and I had mixed feelings about them playing the House of Blues; I was glad that there was such a demand for them but I am also very selfish and like keeping bands to myself in tiny venues. Mine! Anyway, the boys opened their set with ‘Barbarian’ off of their latest record, The Last of Our Kind (Canary Dwarf Limited), before switching gears with one of my personal favorites; ‘Growing on Me’. You can bet I sang every word. Three other tracks off the new album appeared in the set, including; ‘Mudslide,’ ‘Roaring Waters,’ and ‘Open Fire’.

 The Darkness, by Matt Lambert

The Darkness, by Matt Lambert

I got lucky with a few other favorites of mine in ‘Every Inch of You’ and an extra long version ‘Love on the Rocks with No Ice’ complete with crowd interaction and another round of Justin-Rides-a-Fan in which Justin Hawkins plays guitar atop a tall crowd member as they make their way through the audience. Always amusing. Speaking of amusing, shout out to whoever kept demanding that Justin take his pants off because he definitely did. Go you, anonymous audience member!



 The Darkness, by Matt Lambert

The Darkness, by Matt Lambert



 The Darkness, by Matt Lambert

The Darkness, by Matt Lambert

So, there you have it, British men in tight pants, British men in no pants, it was a party. Listen, I might live and die by stoner rock and the 90’s, but I love the big hair and men in tight pants that come with glam rock. I will never apologize for that (much to my editor’s dismay).




Warbringer Banned From Performing At Upcoming House Of Blues Anaheim Gig


Apparently in the fine tradition the Disney owned House of Blues has maintained, Warbringer has joined the list of bands who have been banned from playing there.

“So a special announcement from the folks at Disney Inc,
Warbringer has been banned from the show with Meshuggah on April 13th at the House of Blues Anaheim.
The show will proceed but we won’t be on it. Our band name/image/lyrical content are somehow objectionable to proper Disney image and family values. We are not told of specifically why.
We will still appear the following day at the San Diego House of Blues as Disney has nothing to do with that one.
As the person who wrote all our lyrics, I’m not sure how anything I’ve written is worse than:
-the goose-stepping Nazi hyenas from Scar’s song in the lion king
-the racist crows in Dumbo
-Bambi in general (“Mom! Nooo!)
Remember everyone, censorship blows. Hope to see you guys’ support at the Whisky April 30th.

So a special announcement from the folks at Disney Inc,Warbringer has been banned from the show with Meshuggah on April…

Posted by Warbringer on Friday, April 3, 2015

letlive. Removed From Upcoming House of Blues Show in Lake Buena Vista, FL


Los Angeles post hardcore/rock outfit letlive. has been removed from their April 3rd show with Taking Back Sunday and The Menzingers at House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista, FL.

The band issued the following statement:

Ladies and Gentlemen that were planning on attending the Lake Buena Vista, Florida date at the House Of Blues on the upcoming tour with Taking Back Sunday and The Menzingers and expecting to see ll.- due to reasons we cannot control, we will not be permitted to play said date. We have just been notified by the people at Disney Orlando/HOB that we have been pulled from the event. We cannot offer any details as to why since we were given none ourselves. Rumor has it that Goofy, Pluto, and most of Toontown were in protest against the decision, but Chairman Mouse exercised veto powers and struck down the proposition in the end. In the meantime, we will be trying to set up a one off at another venue in place of the this. Thank you so much for the unwavering support. It’s moments like these we deeply appreciate it/you.


Sleep – Earthless/Heavy Blanket Live at the House of Blues, Boston, MA

sleep event-poster-2764545

I recently had the opportunity to catch Sleep for the first time while on their current tour when they stopped to play the House of Blues in Boston. I had been able to touch base with guitarist Matt Pike a few weeks earlier when High on Fire came through Cambridge as part of Converse’s Rubber TracksLive tour. According to Pike, the show had sold out, another four hundred or so tickets were released, and it sold out for a second time. Excellent.

The venue was just as packed as expected, however, I did not expect the number of hipsters that I saw. From where I was, it seemed like they may have outnumbered everyone else there. I also saw a sparkly fedora. It was strange, but interesting. The merch line was ridiculous and even longer than most of the ones that I got stuck in at the GWAR-B-QUE the week before. I was lucky enough to make it in and out in under ten minutes but there were quite a few that were standing in line for the majority of the show while merchandise sold out faster than I’ve ever seen before.


Openers Earthless and Heavy Blanket (J. Mascius) took the stage together to play a good chunk of their EP In a Dutch Haze (Outer Battery Records) in one long instrumental piece. I have minimal knowledge of either entity outside of this single experience so I can only comment on them as whole. They were great and you really don’t need to use words when you can let the music speak for you instead.


Onto the main event! With a set clocking in at two hours, this was basically “An Evening with Sleep”. I’m used to seeing Pike play the role of front man with High on Fire, but I was great to finally see Al Cisneros in person. I’m pretty sure I annoyed the people around me enough with my Pike related fangirling anyway though. I just about lost it when they played ‘Aquarian’. Pretty much anything off of Holy Mountain (Earache Records) makes me babble incoherently and that album made up roughly half of their set, including the crowd favorite, ‘Dragonaut’. Other honorable mentions go to ‘From Beyond’, ‘Sonic Titan’, and ‘Dopesmoker’. We were also fortunate enough to witness the live debut of the band’s latest single ‘The Clarity’ which had been featured as part of the Adult Swim Singles program for 2014. The only thing I would have asked would have been the addition of ‘The Druid’ to the set list. Listen, I’m pretty sure we all would have stuck around for a three or four hour long performance. Maybe we’ll have better luck next time. Until then, heed their call and follow the smoke to the riff filled land.

Sleep on Facebook

Earthless on Facebook

Heavy Blanket on Facebook


Amon Amarth- Enslaved- Skeletonwitch: Live at the House of Blues, Boston, MA

HillarieJason1-9 By the end of this year, I will be looking back at all of the great shows that have come around in the year 2014. I can guarantee that the evening of February 1st, at the House of Blues Boston will certainly be one of the first I touch upon. On this evening, the Boston crowd was treated with stand out acts: Skeletonwitch, the almighty Enslaved, and one of the biggest metal bands out there today, Amon Amarth. By the end of this show, I was dehydrated, tired, broke, but oh so very happy with the beating my body, specifically my ears, had taken.

To start off the show with a bang was Ohio’s own black/thrash five-piece, Skeletonwitch. Personally, I knew with an open slot, and a new album out, we would probably see a good selection of newer material. About half of the set was of new material, but boy did they pick out the best tracks! My favorites out of the new tracks were ‘I Am of Death (Hell Has Arrived)’ , ‘Beneath Dead Leaves’, and the ever epic, ‘Burned From Bone.’ The Boston audience was also treated to some older tunes such as the classic, ‘Beyond the Permafrost’, ‘Crushed Beyond Dust’ , and the closer, ‘Within My Blood.’ Even with a shortened set having to be the opening act, Skeletonwitch provided proof as to why they are one of my favorite bands today and they should be yours as well! Just when some thought it was safe to go grab a quick beer or hit the merchandise tables, Enslaved was quickly set up and ready to go.

As Enslaved was walking out to the stage with their intro sample playing, I heard someone behind me say something to the effect of HillarieJason1-6 “oh yeah I looked up this band, they are boring.” Let’s just say after the next 45 minutes, they had quite a different opinion of the legendary Enslaved. Of course with such long, wonderfully created songs, you don’t quite get a lot of songs from such a “short” set. Enslaved was able to play six songs for us that night and quite honestly, save one song I still am dying to see performed live, I really can’t complain at their selection! Enslaved’s newest release, RIITIIR, was quite the spectacle after it became available and still grows on me to this day. We fortunately got to hear two very good tracks off of the album. The feverish Boston head-bangers got ‘Death in the Eyes of Dawn’ to open up the set and then got the album-titled song, ‘RIITIIR’ halfway through the set. Even if there were only two newer tracks played, this gave room for some previous favorites like ‘Ethica Odini’ and the usual closing song, ‘Isa.’ It was also a treat to hear an absolute classic, ‘Allfaðr Oðinn’ from the year 1993 (which very well may be older than a portion of the fans in attendance)! Overall, Enslaved has proven the test of time and I do not see them slowing down by not even the smallest of margins. I did get a chance to mention to keyboardist/clean vocalist, Herbrand, over a beer down the street that the next time Enslaved makes their way through Massachusetts that we must hear the amazing single, ‘Roots of the Mountain.’ He seemed to agree with my plea. As if there is any doubt that I would make it to the next Enslaved tour, but this moment certainly cements it.



Finally, it was time for the Swedish Viking Metal Titans, Amon Amarth to make their way to the stage and literally bring us to the might feasting halls of Valhalla to speak of the many tales in Norse Mythology. Before we get into the amazing set that was, I have a slight tale of my own regarding Amon Amarth and Enslaved earlier that day. It quickly became shared throughout the internet that on the very day this tour had come through Boston, that a few members from Amon Amarth and Enslaved were seen at the Boston Bruins hockey game in the newly created, special edition Amon Amarth Hockey Jerseys! These have been on sale throughout the tour and of course, I had to get one. Now back to the show. Starting off the night was the newly made music video song from Amon Amarth’s latest album, ‘Father of the Wolf.’ During this intro, Johan Hegg (vocals) had come out wearing his recently obtained Boston Bruins/Loui Eriksson jersey which led to a hug pop to kick off the set! Since this was the headlining tour for the new Amon Amarth album entitled Deceiver of the Gods, all in attendance were very excited to hear the new material live and did the five Vikings from Sweden ever deliver. Some tracks included ‘Shape Shifter’ , the album title ‘Deceiver of the Gods’ , ‘We Shall Destroy’ , and ‘Warriors of the North.’ Personally I was hoping for ‘Under Siege’ but it was not meant to be. Amon Amarth had made up for this ever so small discretion by playing classics like ‘Death in Fire’ , ‘Free Will Sacrifice’, ‘Destroyer of the Universe’, and ‘The Last Stand of Frej’. Just when it appeared Amon Amarth was going to set sail back to Scandinavia after the single ‘War of the Gods’, they returned for a two song encore to ensure even the greediest of the Bostonians at the House of Blues last night went home happy. The encore consisted of the huge single, ‘Twilight of the Thunder God’ and then wrapped up the night with the sing-a-long ‘The Pursuit of Vikings’. Something about that last song’s opening riff just really gets everyone fired up and it gets me every time I have the pleasure of seeing this band play. Overall, this tour was exactly as I was hoping for. Getting to meet the bands afterwards and enjoy a beer with Herbrand was just icing on the cake after what a great show and overall experience I got to share with some close friends. In all honesty, I wish House of Blues had canceled their rave night that evening so all three bands could have played longer sets or maybe even had a local opener start the show off. At this point, however, I am just being greedy at what was already an early candidate for Show of the Year.










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Amon Amarth on Facebook

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Words: Tim Ledin

Photos: Hillarie Jason Photography