Ghost To Release Exclusive Papa Emeritus II Funko Pop Vinyl’s at Hot Topic

In a leak reported by trade publication Pop Vinyl World, Ghost and Hot Topic have partnered to release an exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl of Papa Emeritus II pop. This news is amazing as Ghost pops have been long rumored to be in the works, with fans making their own incredible tribute pops, and the band has already delved into busts figurines and plush doll of Cardinal Copia. Die-hard fans are already going apeshit over this. Funko is one of the biggest collectible toy companies in the world, having held its IPO last year and becoming a major player in the business. Ghost, on the strength of 2018’s Prequlle album, is finishing their tour with Metallica this summer before their first headline arena tour of the USA this fall.

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Audio: Blessthefall- To Those Left Behind, Full Album Streaming

Bless the Fall To Those Left Behind album cover 2015

Just two days before their September 18th release of their new album To Those Left Behind, blessthefall has joined up with multiple partners to launch a stream for each track, revealing the new album in its entirety. The band teamed up with Metal Hammer Magazine, Alternative Press Magazine, Blunt Magazine, Revolver Magazine, Rock Sound Magazine, Hot Topic, Substream Magazine, Warped Tour, and Apple Connect for the premiere at this link or at the links below:

blessthefall To Those Left Behind track listing with links for streaming:

1. Decayer – at Apple Connect
2. Walk On Water – at YouTube
3. Dead Air – at Vans Warped Tour online
4. Up In Flames- at YouTube
5. Against The Waves- at Metal Hammer
6. Looking Down From The Edge- at
7. Keep What We Love & Burn The Rest -at Blunt Magazine
8. Condition // Comatose – at Substream Magazine
9. Oathbreaker – at Revolver
10. To Those Left Behind- at Rocksound
11. Departures – at Hot Topic on Facebook