Detroit’s brutal metal merchants My Own Will have signed to brand new label Death Toll Records for their upcoming new EP, Disgust, releasing July 30th. Formed by twin brothers Danny and Kyle Cummings and their good friend David Keoppen, My Own Will brings a take no prisoners extreme sound to the party full of tight grooves, Keoppens insane vocals, and a lot of musical maturity in the riffs and beats. Ghost Cult is stoked to present the premiere of their brand new video for ‘Hopeless’ right now!Continue reading

Hundredth – Rare

Well, bugger me. I will never assume anything about any release ever again! I had so many preconceptions going into this review about what this would sound like and all have been blown away. The latest album from South Carolina’s Hundredth (Hopeless), Rare, is a real curveball for anyone familiar with the band.Continue reading