Free Download: KR3W Presents Winter 2016 Mixtape

kr3w presents winter 2016 mixtape

Southern California record label RidingEasy Records is offering their RidingEasy Winter 2016 Mixtape, presented by KR3W. The mixtape can be streamed or downloaded below.

01: Electric Citizen – “Evil” from the forthcoming album Higher Time out April 2016
02: Mondo Drag – “Out of Sight” from the forthcoming album The Occultation of Light out Feb 2016
03: Slow Season – “Day Glo Sunrise” from the album Slow Season
04: Salem’s Pot – “The Vampire Strikes Back” (Full Version)
05: Zekes – “Box” from Brown Acid – The First Trip compilation
06: Old Man’s Will – “Got It” from the album Hard Times Troubled Man
07: Sons of Huns – “Philosopher’s Stone” from the album While Sleeping Stay Awake
08: Spiral Shades – “Frozen Fear” (Originally performed and written by Bedemon)
09: Holy Serpent – “Shroom Doom” From the album Holy Serpent
10: Spelljammer – “The Pathfinder” From the album Ancient of Days
11: Monolord – “Cursing The One” From the Album Vænir
12: Blackout – “Tannered” from the album Blackout
13: The Well – “Crawling Mist” (McPullish Dub Mix)
14: The Picturebooks – “Learn It The Hard Way” from the album Imaginary Horse

Holy Serpent – Holy Serpent


It probably says a lot more about my own musical preferences than any kind of emerging movement but I do seem to have spent an AWFUL amount of time during 2015 listening to doom metal. It seems that barely a week can pass without stumbling over another band gloriously in love with Black Sabbath and finding new ways to twist and subvert that great bands art and reputation for new audiences. Whilst I bow to no-one in my admiration for this, it can sometimes feel like deja-vu when another album arrives, replete with sixties styled album cover and riffs the size of ocean liners.

It was with this thought in mind and a degree of perhaps understandable trepidation that I approached the self-titled album from Holy Serpent. Before you assume that I’m about to get all cynical and hyper-critical can I indulge your patience and time a little longer, dear reader? Let me be clear; you need this record. You probably don’t think you do, but yes, yes you do. Holy Serpent are a class act. Trust me on this one – I promise you, you will thank me.

Melbourne’s Holy Serpent are at the very psychedelic end of the doom metal spectrum but what’s compelling about this record is it’s lightness of touch and graceful inspiration. The band’s low-end fuzziness is determined and hypnotic, coaxing the listener into a bliss-laden trance of metronomic brilliance. Clearly, like all doom metal bands, this is a band in love with Black Sabbath; what I was perhaps less expecting was a cumulative effect that was not dissimilar in its trippiness and woozy, aural dynamics that one gets from their fellow countrymen Tame Impala. Don’t get me wrong, these bands inhabit very different universes but their understanding of how to discombobulate the listener is clear and pronounced.

On the obviously drug induced ‘Shroom Doom’ or ‘Fools Gold’, there is a trance-like aesthetic running through the songs that is hard to resist, so we don’t, but more than that, Holy Serpent (RidingEasy) conjures a truckload of creative and innovative imagination and puts it firmly to good and effective use. On the eleven minute ‘The Plague’ you have a startling realisation of how ambitious this band are and then, once you factor in how young these guys are, the level of potential that they have is absolutely jaw dropping.

Holy Serpent are confident without being arrogant, respectful without being facsimile, trippy without being self-consciously arch. It’s a record that you will keep coming back to and a record that will easily sit alongside those from which it has taken its rich inspiration.



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Audio: Holy Serpent – The Plague

holy serpent

Holy Serpent is streaming “The Plague,” off of their self titled album, out May 12, 2015 via RidingEasy Records. Listen to it below.

Holy Serpent Track Listing:

01: Holy Serpent (6:07)
02: Shroom Doom (5:18)
03: Fools Gold (7:08)
04: The Plague (10:33)
05: The Wind (8:26)

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Audio: Holy Serpent – Fools Gold

holy serpent

Aussie riff rockers Holy Serpent is streaming “Fools Gold,” off their forthcoming debut self titled album out May 12, 2015 via RidingEasy Records. Listen below.

Holy Serpent Holy Serpent Track Listing:

01: Holy Serpent
02: Shroom Doom
03: Fools Gold
04: The Plague
05: The Wind

holy serpent holy serpent

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