VIDEO PREMIERE: Children of the Sün – Emmy

Summer of Love” inspired band Children of the Sun are releasing their new album Flowers via The Sign label on July 26th, 2019 in digital, CD, and vinyl formats. The eight-piece band hailing from Arvika, Sweden deals not just the hippie aesthetic of that time, but a musical homage to the emotive vocals, Hammond B-3 organ and spacey guitars of their forebearers. Ghost Cult is presenting the retro video for their song ‘Emmy’. Get ready to jump in your Delorian and gun it to 88 miles per hour, taking you back to a simpler time of free love, good drugs, and all-around kindness to others, which we need more of today. Watch the clip now! Continue reading

Crypt Trip – Haze Country

For some in the music world, the sixties never really ended and this is especially true with Crypt Trip’s Haze Country. Both a throwback and refreshing, Haze Country (Heavy Psych Sounds) lets us sit back and relive the good old days of psychedelics, marijuana and hippie Shenanigans. Even from the album cover: the aesthetic and nostalgic tinged photograph of the band mounted on motorbikes, it really does feel like this record was lost in time and it’s only just been rediscovered in your Dad’s cupboard of old LPs. Continue reading

Greta Van Fleet – Anthem Of The Peaceful Army

A lot has been made of Greta Van Fleet in the run-up to the drop of their debut Anthem Of The Peaceful Army (Republic/Lava). They have had a meteoric rise and are now signed to the biggest record label in the world at pretty tender ages. Sure they wail and rule copying the light, shade, and lore of Led Zeppelin, sometimes too well. You’ll find no argument from this writer about Zep being the best rock band ever, and these are good building blocks. On the other hand, quick critics and fans haven’t noted how great these four guys are. At such a young age, you need to judge them and judge slowly. These are the fledgling attempts at figuring it all out, developing as writers, and post-teen brains forming as adults. When you listen to this album, turn off your cynical self and listen to the love and talent pouring out of your speakers.  Continue reading

The Most Metal Moments Of South Park


South Park will be kicking off their 20th season tonight at 10pm/9c on Comedy Central. Throughout their 267 episodes, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have taken on anyone and everyone they want, and even involved heavy metal royalty in some episodes. To celebrate it’s 20th season, I’ve compiled together a list of my favorite “metal” moments I’ve ever seen on South Park. Continue reading