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Video: Kosha Dillz Featuring Matisyahu – Dodging Bullets

Kosha Dillz and Matisyahu. Photo credit by Ed Jansen

Kosha Dillz and Matisyahu. Photo credit by Ed Jansen

Indie Hip-Hop star Kosha Dillz has dropped a new video for his single ‘Dodging Bullets’ from his forthcoming new album What I Do All Day & Pickle, releasing July 15th. The track features Matisyahu, who also appears in the video. You can watch the clip at this link or below:


Kosha Dillz commented on the track:

When Matis wrote the hook, it first sounded like ‘dodging bullets’ from war, but I soon learned it was a metaphor for personal relationships. For me, the song has come to represent so much more upon performing it. Every time we play it, it makes you feel different. That is powerful to me.”

Matisyahu also commented, explaining the meaning of the track, referring to “anti-Semitic attacks against Jews and Israelis by the BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] movement.” Matisyahu was recently shot at as a result of his stance against BDS.

This particular ‘bullet’ backfired on the BDS movement, as Jews and non-Jews spoke up about the injustice of the only publicly recognized Jew on the festival lineup being called out to promote a political agenda. The outcry from fans of all backgrounds grew loud enough that even the country of Spain itself denounced the festival for giving into the BDS movement, and as a result, the festival asked me to perform again.

Approximently [one] hundred BDS ‘bullies’ created a pyramid of antagonism trying to block my view of the fans while waiving large Palestinian flags, continually giving me the middle finger, and throwing shoes at me all while holding signs reading insults like ‘Naziyahu,’”