Helmet and Russian Circles Now Added to the Faith No More, Korn, System of A Down Mystery Package


The plot thickens in the mystery of the Faith No More, Korn, System of A Down social media teasers with an astronaut on a spacewalk. Now both Helmet and Russian Circles, each leaders in their sub-genres have also posted the image with a one-word caption, “Monday”.  Helmet can be said to be a major influence of the three headliners. As we mentioned in our earlier story, Wolverine Kills is suggesting it will be a full tour package. We will bring you more news on this as it is revealed. Continue reading

Faith No More, Korn, System of A Down are Teasing a Tour Together

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, but also in the metal world as three legend status bands are teasing something major! According to a published report at Metal Insider, Faith No More, Korn, System of A Down have all shared the same graphic of a spaceman (see it below), teasing an announcement for Monday! (Editor’s note: Helmet and Russian Circles are now added.) Shockingly accurate music tour leaks site Wolverine Kills is suggesting it will be a tour! Whatever it is, it’s gonna be huge if those three bands are involved. Continue reading

Various Artists – BC35 Volume Two


Odd, noisy, relaxing, introspective, and uneven are some of the words that can be used to describe BC35 Volume Two and that’s just with regards to the first four songs. For those out of the loop BC35 Volume Two is the second and final piece of the BC Studio anniversary puzzle. In short, producer and cultural antagonist Martin Bisi – known for his recording work with the likes of Helmet, Unsane, Dresden Dolls and more – has assembled a group of musicians and let them kick out the jams. Continue reading

Sick Of It All – Wake the Sleeping Dragon!

If the political and social swamp that is the United States in the year 2018 can have one positive, it is that it provides the perfect environment to create fierce extreme music or art. This isn’t lost on New York hardcore legends Sick Of It All who on Wake The Sleeping Dragon! (Century Media) tackle subjects ranging from the 1%, President Trump’s idiotic fucking wall and the institutionalized racism built into New York City’s infrastructure. One hell of a thesis. Continue reading

Maryland Deathfest 2018 – Baltimore Maryland

For a metal fan, especially an underground metal fan with a cultured taste, Maryland Deathfest is the holy grail of music festivals. They are metal fans, so they understand metal fans. It has grown by leaps and bounds like a little cottage industry with California Deathfest, Quebec Deathfest, Netherlands Deathfest, Days of Darkness and more to come I’m sure. As I attended my first ever full weekend, I saw incredible bands on my bucket list, met a lot of great people from all over the world, hung out with friends and basically had more fun than I could imagine. It was basically summer camp for die-hard metal fans. No judgments, no fights, no fake kung fu in the mosh pit, just all awesomeness 24/7. Fun for families and even dogs. Plus Natty Bo’s and cheap and delicious street tacos! Continue reading

Wrong – Feel Great

Take note, kids, Wrong has the 411 on how to properly record an album in 2018. Wrong’s latest, Feel Great (Relapse), is the result of entering the studio with a set vision and ample preparation. You know your shit is tight when you can deliver 11 aggressive and tuneful tracks in about the span of time it takes for Domino’s to deliver its pizza-adjacent product. Continue reading

True Mortem Added To Maryland Deathfest, Ticket Options Selling Out Fast

Maryland Deathfest has added True Mortem to the bill to replace Inquisition. The festival is bearing down with a little over six weeks to go and ticket options are running out. The festival has also released its vendor list, which you can see with the entire band lineup below. Continue reading

Prong Release New Video – Forced Into Tolerance, Powerflo Tour Starts Tomorrow

Prong has been killing it lately on the road in support of their excellent 2017 release Zero Days (Steamhammer/SPV). They are about to kick off a tour of the west coast with Powerflo (Biohazard, Cypress Hill/Fear Factory members) followed by a co-headline tour with Helmet. The band will also appear at this year’s Maryland Deathfest. Watch their new music video for their song ‘Forced Into Tolerance’ and make sure to catch one of their not-to-be-missed live shows. Continue reading