ALBUM REVIEW: Old Blood – Acid Doom

It’s oddly satisfying when an album’s title is also an accurate descriptor for the music it contains. This is more or less the case with Old Blood’s second full-length album, Acid Doom (DHU Records/Metal Assault Records). While the group’s style may not be crushing in the traditional sense, their brand of Heavy Psych has a dark sultriness that should sit well with fans of groups like Uncle Acid and Blood Ceremony. And considering the four-year gap since their self-titled debut, it’s fair to say that things have only gotten more off-the-wall in that time.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Kadavar – For the Dead Travel Fast

It’s finally October so let’s get spoopy this month with Kadavar’s For the Dead Travel Fast (Nuclear Blast) while we try to figure out our costumes. Continue reading

U.S. Christmas Teases A Return

A post on the personal page of Nate Hall has fans of essential psychedelic metal band U.S. Christmas foaming at the mouth. Hall teased the partial artwork of a new release called Prayer Meeting. He also tagged Hypershape Records in the post. We have shared their Bandcamp link below, which has some of Hall’s excellent solo work. Normally we don’t fall to speculation on this website, but when we are talking about a band this important and loved, we follow it closely. Combining elements of Americana, folk, blues, doom, stoner rock, heavy psych, and more, USX, as they were also known, was one of the best bands ever to grace the Neurot Records label. The band has been inactive since the end of the tour cycle for epic 2011 LP The Valley Path ended. It would be amazing to have this band back in any form, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more news as it happens. Continue reading