ALBUM REVIEW: Sonic Flower – Rides Again

Japan’s Sonic Flower began in the early 2000s as an offshoot of Church of Misery. They released one self-titled album in 2003 and then broke up in 2005 following some aborted recording sessions. Reforming briefly in 2007, only to break up again the same year, Sonic Flower lay dormant for 14 years until they finally reformed again in 2019. A full-length album with a new lineup including a vocalist is scheduled for later in 2021. To whet their fans’ appetite in the meantime, the band are first releasing Rides Again (Heavy Psych Sounds Records), which consists entirely of tracks recorded in 2005 from the aforementioned aborted sessions.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Oreyeon – “Trudging To Vacuity”

Italian stoner-doom leaders Oreyeon recently released their new album, Ode To Oblivion, via the Heavy Psych Sounds label and have been jamming it out since it dropped. Ghost Cult streamed their album prior to release and now we are back to debut their mind-blowing new video for “Trudging To Vacuity”! Check it out!Continue reading

Oreyeon – Ode To Oblivion

Bring up Italy when talking about Metal and you’re likely to conjure images of cheesy Power Metal a la Rhapsody of Fire or Arthemis, or melodic Gothic in the form of Lacuna Coil, but there’s a fair few decent Stoner and Doom bands, most notably Ufomammut, too. Another decent group is Oreyeon (previously known as Orion), whose sophomore album Ode To Oblivion (Heavy Psych Sounds) is a solid slab of spacey Doom and Stoner that doesn’t just dwell on the Black Sabbath and Kyuss tropes.Continue reading

The Sonic Dawn – Eclipse

It seems wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen is quietly earning a name for Rock bands in recent years, with retro Psych trio The Sonic Dawn gaining a particularly favourable reputation. Eclipse (Heavy Psych Sounds) is the band’s third full-length release in four years and, despite being influenced by undisclosed personal tragedy, the sound is as bright as ever.Continue reading

Fvzz Popvli – Magna Fvzz

Rome trio Fvzz Popvli indulge in the somewhat metallic trend of using the letter v as a u, but given their Latin heritage, it’s relatively acceptable. Their music is an enjoyable romp through heavy, hostile Psychedelic haze, and second album Magna Fvzz (Heavy Psych Sounds) offers up black comedy, snarling attitudes and sinister twists in equal measure.Continue reading

Brant Bjork Streams New Single – “Swagger and Sway”

Brant Bjork (Kyuss, Brant Bjork And The Bros, Low Desert Punk Band) will release the next chapter in his prolific career with a new solo album next month, Mankind Woman, on September 14 via Heavy Psych Sounds Records. Jam a new single from Brant, ‘Swagger & Sway’, right now!Continue reading

Nick Oliveri To Release New Compilation Album This Fall

Nick Oliveri, the inimitable bassist for bans like Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, Bloodclot, The Dwarves, many collaborations, as well as a deep solo career is releasing a new solo album, N.O. Hits At All: Volume 5. The compilation of rare and unreleased tracks will be released on October 12th on Heavy Psych Sounds Records. New music and pre-orders are coming soon. Nick has been on tour all summer with his acoustic group Death Acoustic, with a few dates left this week.Continue reading

Black Rainbows Releasing Hawkdope March 17th

black rainbows

Black Rainbows is releasing their new album titled Hawkdope on March 17, 2015 via Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

Hawkdope was recorded last August at Heavy Psych Sounds studio and was produced by Gabriele Fiori, who is also the band’s guitar player and vocalist as well as the man behind the label.

The band formed in 2005 and has six releases out now including a four-way split featuring Naam, White Hills, Black Rainbows and The Flying Eyes.

Mar 06: Init Club – Rome (IT) (“Release Party” w/Wedge)
Mar 18: Freak Out – Bologna (IT)
Mar 19: Bruch Bros – Luzern (CH)
Mar 20: Bluebox Skate Park – Augsburg (DE)
Mar 21: Plufest – Nijmegen (NL)
Mar 22: Glazart – Paris (FR)
Mar 23: Vortex – Siegen (DE)
Mar 24: Cafè Tiko – Erfurt (DE)
Mar 25: Sto – Leipzig (DE)
Mar 26: Dustown Fest – Berlin (DE)
Mar 27: Coq D’or – Olten (CH)
Mar 28: Gaswerk – CH Winterthur (CH)
Mar 29: Magnolia – Milano (IT)
Apr 10: Galactus Fest – Helsinki (FI)
Apr 11: Woodsock/Rockstar’s – Tallin (EE)
Apr 28: tba (IT)
Apr 29: Rumpeltum – St Gallen (CH)
Apr 30: Nurnberg (DE)
May 01: Sudwerk – Bozen (IT)
May 02: Rockhouse – Salzburg (AU)
May 03: Wien (AU)
May 04: PMK – Innsbruck (AU)
May 05: Graf Hugo – Feldkirch (AU)
May 06: Altroquando – Zerobranco (IT)
Jun 04: UK
Jun 05: UK
Jun 06: Oxford (UK)
Jun 07: UK
Jun 08: The Macbeth – London (UK)
AUG 01: Fuzztastic Fest – Drama (GR)

Black Rainbows is Gabriele Fiori on guitar and vocals; Alberto Croce on drums; Dario Iocca on bass. The nine tracks on Hawkdope are 1. “The Prophet,” 2. “Wolf Eyes,” 3. “Hawkdope,” 4. “No Fuel No Fun,” 5. “Hypnotize My Soul With Rock N’ Roll,” 6. “Waiting For The Sun,” 7. “Jesusjudge,” 8. “Killer Killer Fuzz,” and 9. “The Cosmic Picker.”

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