ALBUM REVIEW: Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos

(Editor’s note: we are aware of this ongoing story which presumes to be about Marilyn Manson, although he is never named. We are still tracking this story at press time.)

Twenty-five years plus into his career, Marilyn Manson continues to be an enigma, wrapped tight inside a riddle, not wishing to be fully known. By never making the same album twice with his namesake band, he continues to defy expectations, and be equally loved and hated. While his early albums are masterworks that others from the 1990s would kill to rest their reputations on. However, as the rockstar gains on years and gets further away from his early years, he has transformed into a much more interesting character than when he was freaking out pastors and scarring moms and dads.

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Machine Gun Kelly Shares a Cover of Rihanna’s “Love On The Brain”

Machine Gun Kelly continues to surprise and impress with his eclectic series of covers he has been putting out as he pushes his creative boundaries for his eventual new solo album. Watch him cover Rihanna’s 2016 hit shows ‘Love On The Brain, done at the request of Mr. Marilyn Manson. This time, he adds a twist to Rihanna’s 2016 single “Love On The Brain”, which had an immense amount of inspiration on Marilyn Manson’s 2017 album Heaven Upside Down. Check out the cover of “Love On The Brain”! Continue reading

Marilyn Manson is Finishing His New Album with Shooter Jennings

Marilyn Manson posted to his Instagram account today that he was in the final process of his new album, recorded with Outlaw Country artist and producer Shooter Jennings. The album is tentatively slated for release in late 2019 via Manson’s label Hell Inc/Cooking Vinyl. Manson and Jennings previously teamed up in 2016 to record a cover version of David Bowie’s ‘Cat People (Putting Out Fire)’ for Jennings’s Countach (For Giorgio) LP, a covers collection featuring songs by electronic-music pioneer Giorgio Moroder. Jennings produced the lastest solo album by Duff McKagan as well. Manson’s new album will be the first since his acclaimed 2017 album Heaven Upside Down.Continue reading

Hear Marilyn Manson And Rob Zombie Cover “Come Together” By The Beatles

In honor of kicking off their Twins Of Evil tour, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie have released a collaborative track! Watch This video fo them covering The Beatles psychedelic classic jam ‘Come Together’Continue reading

Thousands Of Marilyn Manson Fans Demand A Refund For Shortened Performance

Marilyn Manson, photo credit: Stephanie Cabral

After Marilyn Manson’sabbreviated show at The Paramount Theater on Long Island last week, thousands of fans have taken to social media demanding a refund from either Manson or Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster has so far responded that they are NOT refunding fans for the show. This concert was already rescheduled once from the previous concert where Manson was forced to cancel the first leg of his Heaven Upside Down tour after breaking his leg last fall. Many fans have expressed both outrage, but also concern for the rocker, who recently lost his father. Manson apparently recovered well enough to close out the the last night of his tour at Starland Ballroom last night (February 16th) with a full performance, including several encores. Continue reading

Marilyn Manson – “KILL4ME” Music Video Released

Marilyn Manson released his latest album, Heaven Upside Down, last month, and as Keith said in his 8.5/10 review, “it may not be as complete top to bottom as the last one, but no one should question if Manson is vital in 2017 or not.

Today the shock rocker has premiered his new ‘KILL4ME’ video online, and just like in the previously released “SAY10” clip, actor Johnny Depp makes an appearance.Continue reading

Marilyn Manson – “SAY10” Video Released

Marilyn Manson released his latest album, Heaven Upside Down, last week, and as Keith said in his 8.5/10 review, “it may not be as complete top to bottom as the last one, but no one should question if Manson is vital in 2017 or not.

Today he’s released his NSFW video for ‘SAY10’ online, along with this statement, “After the the balloons have all shriveled up and are swallowed in the puddles of puke and idealism, don’t look to Me for sympathy. I am here to be all that I am accused of not being. And to be blamed for what you made Me. The shots you will hear are from a mouth disguised as a gun. Don’t call this art. This is a hard cock in a room full of vampires and the music, man. The music is My foul blood on your faces.Continue reading

Marilyn Manson – Heaven Upside Down

Nearly a quarter-century into his career, Marilyn Manson continues to explore the grimy underside of humanity that makes other artists shy away to safety, and enthralls his fans. This is not an easy task and while his missteps have been very public, it would take a very jaded listener to find fault with the recorded consistency he has put down, especially of late. I’m not sure why 2015s The Pale Emperor (Hell, etc) took so many off guard; as if the man wasn’t capable of holding our attention any longer. That album exuded a mature brilliance; an almost “an elder statesman of rock” type of vibe. A modern classic rock album, the type we used to get often, but are now scarce since real rock gods are dead or in hiding. Manson is not ashamed to swing his sticky rock star dick around, but it’s his writing, lyrics and vocal delivery that really sent that album over the top. In some ways he has actually done one better on the follow-up, Heaven Upside Down (Loma Vista/Caroline International).Continue reading

Marilyn Manson’s Tour On Hold Until Further Notice Following Injury On Stage

News last night of Maryiln Manson’s awful injury on stage in New York rocked fans and the larger music world last night. You just don’t see accidents like this that often, and we hope Mr. Manson is recovering well. Now a message from Manson collaborator and bandmate, composer Tyler Bates, confirms that the band is flying home while Manson recovers and that the tour will resume at a later date. Continue reading