Dropkick Murphys – Flogging Molly – Jake Burns: Live At Forrest Hills Stadium

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Jon Paul Davis Of Conan Talks New Album And The State Of Doom Metal

Earlier this year, Conan announced their new album, due out this summer from Napalm Records. Existential Void Guardian promises to build off of the success of 2016’s Revengeance. The band has been especially prolific, also releasing a split EP with Slomatics and their early recordings as the Man Is Myth – Early Demos last fall. We caught up with frontman Jon Paul Davis at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York, before their sold out show to chat about the new album, Davis’ own label Black Bow Records, and the current state of Doom Metal. Videography by Heather Wilkerson for BunnySyn Photography Continue reading

The Fever 333 Live At The Knitting Factory

The Fever 333– 3-28-2018

The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn NY

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The Decibel Tour Live At Irving Plaza

Much like the magazine that spawned this annual trek of the best in metal, The Decibel Tour has officially become an institution for our scene. I look forward to the announcement every year, it’s a given the lineup will rule. This year was stacked as one of the best with Enslaved, Wolves In The Throne Room, Myrkur, and Khemmis. Continue reading

Marc Lopes Talks Let Us Prey And The New Ross The Boss Album

In a lot of ways, no one in a band has more pressure on them night in and night out than a lead singer. In the case of Marc Lopes, he was bred for this job, being a veteran of several metal bands running the gamut of old school and modern styles. Marc recently put an album out with his band Let Us Prey, The Saint Of All Killers, and it just slays (imagine if Lamb Of God played power metal like Blind Guardian). He is also the lead singer for heavy metal legends Ross The Boss, bringing the music of Manowar and other RTB originals to the masses nightly. With new tour dates kicking off this week and new music on tap, Ghost Cult editor Keefy caught up with Marc at Fete Music Hall, in Providence RI where we talked about all of Marc’s bands, playing in front of 70,000 people at Wacken Open Air, the upcoming new Ross The Boss album, and the power of pizza! Photos and videography by Omar Cordy and Heather Wilkerson. Continue reading

Silvertomb Talks New Band, Making New Music And Doom Metal

Few bands ever “make it” as successful touring and recording artists. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll, or even the lower middle rung of sales and touring if you play rock or metal. For Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly, they saw the top of the mountain with their legendary 1990s band Type O Negative, with huge selling albums, world tours and mainstream success. Each has had success as session and touring musicians as well as other bands they have been in. With their new band Silvertomb, they are returning to the doom and gloom of their roots, but also goth and psychedelic influences to take this project in a new direction. Ghost Cult’s Keefy got to hang out with Kenny, bassist Hank Hell, and guitarist, keyboardist Aaron Joos before their second show ever in New Jersey. Together we talked about the new band, shopping their demo to labels, giving back to fans and their community, and of course the legacy of Type O and late frontman Peter Steele. Videography by Omar Cordy with assistance by Heather Wilkerson for Ghost Cult.

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Wardruna: Live At The Town Hall

In life as a music fan, and my career in music journalism I have seen countless shows. Add in the number of concerts I played in my feeble attempt at a music career, and that number jumps up a few notches. In that time I have been lucky to witness most of my favorite artists of all time in some shape or configuration. There are only a few of them left on the bucket list that I haven’t yet seen, or may never get to. However, I got to scratch a big one for me when Wardruna embarked upon their recent tour of the USA, only their second string of dates ever. Continue reading