Watch Machine Head Play Rare Track “Heavy Lies The Crown” and Black Sabbath and Green Day Covers

Machine Head performed another of their lockdown-era “Electric Happy Hour” sessions where Robb Flynn is often joined by bassist Jared MacEachern. They perform a new set every Friday. This week featured “Locust”, Block”, “The Burning Red”, and the deep cut “Heavy Lies The Crown”, plus covers of Black Sabbath – “Children Of The Grave”, and Green Day – “Welcome To Paradise”, plus Robb proposes a challenge/ experiment for the ladies, and gave a shoutout to Ghost Cult!

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NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: March 19th New Music Releases

Purchase And Stream All The New Music Released Today!

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SPECIAL FEATURE: Woodstock 1994 – Twenty-Five Years Later

It started with an old-fashioned idea. The optimism of the hippies met wit the activism of the more rebellious factions of society to create a powderkeg of activism and art in the late 1960s to create Woodstock. The fest could have been an unmitigated disaster that would have made Fyre festival look good. However, it would have a lasting cultural impact even the future decades rode on. With an eye on capturing that spirit again, and raking in a lot of money, the original founders of Woodstock create Woodstock `94: 2 More Days of Peace and Music, but officially it was three days. Continue reading

Rama – Everything Is One

Turin visionaries Rama are often described as Desert Rock, but right from their self-titled 2015 EP (Self-Released) there was evidence of a deeper, simmering destiny. Debut album Everything Is One (Today/Brigante Records) furthers this cause, with elements of earthen fire and melodic sweetness enlivening that Stoner background.Continue reading

Blink-182, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Green Day, Slipknot, Nirvana, are the Most Hacked Passwords in the World

In the early days of the internet, people used common words and phrases like sex, Jesus, 12345, first names, their birthdays, pets names, and even their own home addresses were a common password combo for users. These were also easily guessed, let alone super-hackable once more sophisticated tools were developed. Now in a damning new report, not only are these old standbys still in use, but the names of many major rock and metal bands are on a list of the most vulnerable passwords in the world. The National Cyber Security Centre of the UK (NCSC) just posted their new report with some alarming info. According to the global password risk assessment index, Blink-182 is the most common vulnerable password in the world at 23 million instances of use. This led Mark Hoppus to tweet about it! Also on the list are bands like Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Green Day, Slipknot, Nirvana, Sum 41, and Iron Maiden among others. If you have any of these passwords, NCSC recommends changing it at once. The full list can be found at the links below!Continue reading

Backyard Babies – Sliver & Gold

Thirty years later and, rather remarkably with the same line up, Swedish rockers Backyard Babies are still at it, their latest effort Sliver & Gold (Century Media) continues where their 2015 ‘comeback’ album Four By Four (Gain) left off – namely glammed up Punk which fuses together the sounds of Green Day and Motley Crüe, with a bit of The Wildhearts for good measure.Continue reading

Millencolin – SOS

Millencolin’s SOS (Epitaph) has a lot going for it which is only natural as it’s the ninth full-length from a band with 27 years of experience under its belt. You also must factor in that it’s got the right amount of songs, running time and a clean and crisp mix. So far everything is coming up Milhouse, but I have a gripe.Continue reading

Living With Lions – Island

“There was so much more we wanted to accomplish as a band” said Living With Lions’ lead vocalist Chase Brenneman after previous singer Stu Ross left in 2012. With such a bold statement, it is a clear indication that Island (No Sleep/Redfield), their first full-length album featuring former guitarist Brenneman on vocals, was meant to be ground-breaking.Continue reading

My Favorite Concert Memory: James Hall of Fine Creatures

Buzz band British rockers Fine Creatures are releasing their debut EP, Electric La La Land this Friday, July 27th via Symptom Records. Combining slick pop licks and infections rock sounds, this band is poised to make waves this year. We caught up with frontman James Hall to hear about his Favorite Concert Memory before he was in a band. Continue reading