Dropdead, Jimmy Eat World, Panopticon, Best Coast, Goya, and More to Perform at a Charity Livestream for Landmine Marathon’s Guitarist

Dropdead, Jimmy Eat World, Panopticon, Best Coast, Goya, members of Landmine Marathon and their related bands, and many more will perform at Butler Fest this Saturday, November 21st, a virtual fest to benefit Landmine Marathon guitarist Ryan Butler and raise funds for expenses related to his recent liver transplant. Tickets are available at the link below. Your ticket purchase will gain you access to the full event the day of the initial stream and On-Demand (meaning, you can watch this later). The full lineup for Butler Fest can be seen below.

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Exhorder, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Yob, Acid King & More Booked For Austin Terror Fest


For the second year in a row, the best in underground metal bands will descend on Austin, Texas for the Austin Terror Fest, taking place from June 15th through 17th. “Powered by Worshiper Cabinets”, the festival features Exhorder, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Yob, Acid King, 40 Watt Sun, Bell Witch, Pinkish Black, Come to Grief, Buzzov-en, Primitive Man, Krallice, Gnaw, Goya and many more announced for the full line-up. Tickets are available now (link below) but may sell out since this bill is so killer and many of these bands will make their Austin début. Continue reading

Coming Into Their Own – An Interview With Goya

1276795_608858279170962_1971244100_o (1) Continuing our series from the Second Annual Southwest Terror Fest- “The Year Of The Snake”, Ryan Clark caught up with Jeff Owens of Goya in an exclusive interview for Ghost Cult . The front man of the doom merchants discussed the bands’ new release 777, the local scene, and the value of making great records that stand the test of time.

What are your thoughts on the heavy music scene in Arizona? If you could change one thing about it for the better, what would that be?

We’ve got lots of good bands and good people involved in the shows here in Arizona. We simply need more people to come to more shows. Sometimes on bills with a couple of local openers and some touring bands, no one shows up for the locals and arrives just in time to see the touring acts. So, more participation is vital.


How would you describe Goya’s sound and what are your future plans?

We’re heavily influenced by Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, and Sleep. We stick to the formula but are coming into our own thing as well. Our new drummer, Nick, has really helped with the overall sound. We have an upcoming vinyl release titled 777, Laney Oleniczak did the artwork for the thirty copies of the limited edition for it, and this will be her first full length LP cover.



Do you think events like Southwest Terror Fest are great opportunities to expose new people to the underground scene?

Absolutely, 100%. Maryland Deathfest has expanded over the year, Obscene Extreme started small and blew up. As long as people are keeping at it and supporting it! It’s nice to have an event like Terror Fest in your own backyard.


Which of the two is more important: Live performance or a recording? Or is it somewhere in the middle?

The recording is the most important, though live performance is still vital. A recording is the thing people will hear everyday. Listen to The Doors. Unless you are old enough to have seen them live, all you have is the recording of such awesome music. So records are the lasting impression. Especially solid and organic albums that hold up well with repeated listens. You need to hone your live performance skills none the less, though. Reaching people live is important and leads them to your recording if they haven’t heard you on the internet yet or by way of a friend.


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