Between The Buried And Me Releases Turn On The Darkness Clip From Upcoming Blu-ray/DVD

Between the Buried and Me will finally be releasing their Coma Ecliptic: Live DVD/Blu-ray on April 28th via Metal Blade Records, in association with Good Fight Entertainment. The DVD/Blu-ray was filmed at The Observatory in San Diego last October, and as you’ll see in the ‘Turn On The Darkness’ clip below, the band put on one stellar performance for the lucky fans in attendance. Continue reading

Ion Dissonance- Cast the First Stone



Whilst many in the world of heavy metal will have been spending the last few weeks speculating and gesticulating about whether the new Metallica album is any good (spolier alert: it is), a fair few at the more extreme end of our community will have also been anxiously whether Montreal extreme metallers Ion Dissonance still had it in them to produce another slab of brutal, technical deathcore after yet another extended period of career silence from these Canadians.Continue reading