Crowhurst – III


I’ll let you in on a little secret when it comes to reviewing metal and hardcore. If Converge’s Kurt Ballou produced or recorded an album, chances are that the getting is going to be pretty good. Two songs into Crowhurst’s III (Prophecy Productions) I found myself wondering who manned the boards and – lo and behold – the aforementioned Ballou handled the affair at the now legendary GodCity Studios. Praise the maker.Continue reading

Stream Converge’s Cover Of Negative Approach’s ‘”Whatever I Do”

Converge has shared their cover of Negative Approach’s ‘Whatever I Do’, originally released as part of the Tomorrow Seems So Hopeless: A Tribute to Negative Approach compilation from 200. That album has been out of print and original label is out of business, according to Converge’s Bandcamp page. It was recorded at Kurt Ballou’s God City Studios in Salem, Massachusetts. Buy or stream the track right now!Continue reading

Skeletonwitch Changes Drummers, Jon Rice Named As A Fill In For Next Tour

Skeletonwitch, by Hillarie Jason

Mid-western blackened death metallers Skeltonwitch have parted ways with drummer Dustin Boltjes. The band has also announced Jon Rice (Scorpion Child, ex-Job For A Cowboy) will take over duties behind the kit for their upcoming tour with Obituary. Continue reading

Gatecreeper Debut New Song – “Dead Inside”

Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper recently confirmed that they will be releasing a split recording of cranium crushing proportions on March 2nd via Relapse Records. The split LP, mixed by Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studios, will feature new music from each band, and we have one of those new songs streaming for your headbanging pleasure today. Continue reading

Audio: Magrudergrind – Sacrificial Hire

magrudergrind pic

DC metal extremists Magrudergrind have returned after a six year hiatus with II, out February 12, 2016 via Relapse Records. The record was recorded with engineer Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Nails). Stream “Sacrificial Hire” below.

magrudergrind primitive man euro tour 2016

They have announced an upcoming European tour with Primitive Man below, with North American dates expected shortly.

Feb 26: Netherlands Deathfest – – Tilburg (NL)
Feb 27: Gasweck – Winterthur (SI)
Feb 28: Le Romanadie – Lausanne (SI)
Feb 29: Cafe Charbon – Nevers (FR)
Mar 01: Pavillion Sauvages – Toulouse (FR)
Mar 02: Rocksound – Barcelona (ES)
Mar 03: Baracudas – Madrid (ES)
Mar 04: Mogamos – Donsoti (ES)
Mar 05: Secret Place – Montpellier (FR)
Mar 06: Lo Fi – Milano (IT)
Mar 07: Freakout Club – Bologna (IT)
Mar 08: Gromka – Ljubljana (SL)
Mar 12: Durer Kert – Budapest (HU)
Mar 14: Feierwerk – Munchen (DE)
Mar 15: Cairo – Wurzburg (DE)
Mar 17: 1000 Fryd – Aalborg (DK)
Mar 18: Truckstop Alaska – Gothenburg (SE)
Mar 19: Bergsunds Strand 43 – Stockholm (SE)
Mar 20: Pumpehuset – Copenhagen (DK)
Mar 21: Hafenklang – Hamburg (DE)
Mar 22: Westwerk – Leipzig (DE)
Mar 23: Modra Vopice – Prague (CZ)
Mar 24: Casiopeia – Berlin (DE)
Mar 25: DB’s – Utrecht (NL)
Mar 26: Garage – Saarbrucken (DE)
Mar 27: Het Bos – Antwerpen (BE)

Exclusive Album Stream: Ramming Speed- No Epitaphs



Ghost Cult is proud to partner with Prosthetic Records to deliver the full album stream of the new Ramming Speed album, No Epitaphs, due out on September 4th. You can hear the album below:

Gearing up for their pivotal third album, Ramming Speed stepped up their game considerably following their move from their hometown of Boston to Richmond, Virginia. The simple southern life certainly hasn’t tempered the bands hunger to write crushing, intelligent songs that owe equal parts to classic thrash, heavy metal and more current brutal flavors such as grindcore and d-beat. Working with longtime producer and Converge guitarist, Kurt Ballou at his GodCity Studios, No Epitaphs is a killer metal album that likes to party, but also sounds like Howard Zinn, Gore Vidal and John Stewart combined.

No Epitaphs track listing
1. No Forgiveness in Death

2. Choke Holds and Bullet Holes

3. Beasts of Labor

4. Don’t Let This Stay Here

5. This Is The Life We Chose

6. Walls

7. Break In The Chain

8. Truth To Power

9. Super Duty

10. Horns of War

11. Momentary Masters

Pre-order links are:
iTunes preorder link –
Amazon preorder link –

Peter Gallagher – Vocals
Kallen Bliss
– Guitars
Snake Chuffskin
– Guitars
Ben Powell
– Bass
Jonah Livingston
– Drums

Ramming speed online

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Creating An Odyssey: Eric Wallace of Black Breath

Black Breath, photo credit- Invisible Hour

Black Breath, photo credit- Invisible Hour

On their recent tour with Goatwhore, Black Breath (Southern Lord) guitarist, Eric Wallace had a quick chat with Ghost Cult prior to the Boston, MA show at Brighton Music Hall. With their latest release, Slaves Beyond Death (due out September 25), being announced, Eric expressed what could be expected from the upcoming record.

“Expectations… I don’t think I like that word. I like to approach other people’s stuff as open minded as I can and then be surprised. I realize it sounds like I’m setting the bar low but I mean there’s elements of stuff we’ve done in the past for sure and then there’s also kind of new takes on all of it. To me it’s more expansive in a way. Not like it’s going to be a prog record or anything! Sure the songs are all longer and stuff we haven’t done in the past that we’re trying out on this record and I think turned out pretty rad. I’m excited for it to come out because I think it’s cool and I want to start playing the songs more, live. I hesitate to say too much because I want to hear what others think of it. I mean what are you supposed to say? “It’s the heaviest record we’ve ever done! It’s gunna fucking blow your mind!” I mean it either is or it isn’t. It’s up to the listeners and how they receive it. We made a record that were excited about and I think I can leave it at that.”


Black Breath Slaves Beyond death abum cover

Eric also spoke highly of the continued success of recording with Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studios in Salem, MA:

“At this point we’ve spent the better part of 2 months there now over 3 albums. Pretty damn easy to work with him especially where we’ve toured with his band and recorded with him in that space with generally the same setup before. Not much arguing there as we just do it and if it doesn’t sound good how can we make it better. It goes pretty fast which is why we were pretty excited to go back for this record with the amount of work we’ve done, just building on that makes more sense than starting fresh somewhere else. It’s killer. I think it works out great. We did get it mastered with our buddy Brad (Boatwright) in Portland at Audio Siege. He’s been doing a ton of mastering for a lot of different bands, first time we went to him and that sounds awesome as well. It all turned out nice.”

Eric Wallace of Black Breath, photo by Evil Robb Photography

Eric Wallace of Black Breath, photo by Evil Robb Photography

Continuing on the topic of writing, and how it has evolved over Black Breath’s career: “With our EP we just threw what songs we had up there since we didn’t have a contract or anything. Basically let’s get this out there and see if it sticks. So we did that and got hooked up with Southern Lord. With Heavy Breathing we got together with Kurt since no one in the band had done that before and Greg from Southern Lord was really into the idea. Whatever songs we had after that EP through the touring up until the recording process, that turned into the album. The album itself was written well before we even got there really. Nothing specific up to this point really. With Sentenced to Life, I think we as a group consciously decided that we would sort of stream line everything a lot more as in trim the fat, shorten things up, get to the fucking point and then get out. And that was basically what we did with Sentenced. Make it to the point, shorten the songs, and get rid of the unnecessary stuff really. With this new album, since we already did the shortened approach to writing, we pretty much did the opposite approach on this one to expand and make way longer songs. Same style of riffs and song writing we had going, but how do we make this more of an odyssey? There’s a lot of tracks on the new album that has fast stuff and slow stuff but there’s a mix of both in almost every song so I don’t know what you would call that approach necessarily, but plenty of bands have done it.”


Audio: High On Fire Debut New Single- The Sunless Years

L to R: Des Kensel, Matt Pike, Jeff Matz. Photo Credit: J. Hubbard

L to R: Des Kensel, Matt Pike, Jeff Matz. Photo Credit: J. Hubbard

High on Fire released another new single today from the upcoming Luminiferous album, due on June 16th from eOne. Stream the new song ‘The Sunless Years’ here:


Luminiferous was recorded at the acclaimed Godcity Studios in Salem, MA with producer Kurt Ballou (Converge) and is the follow up to 2012’s De Vermis Mysteriis (also eOne).


high on fire luminiferous

High On Fire Releasing Luminiferous On June 16th, North American Tour Dates Confirmed

L to R: Des Kensel, Matt Pike, Jeff Matz. Photo Credit: J. Hubbard

L to R: Des Kensel, Matt Pike, Jeff Matz. Photo Credit: J. Hubbard

High On Fire will be releasing their new album Luminiferous on June 16, 2015 via eOne Music. The record was recorded at Salem, Massachusetts’ GodCity Studios with producer Kurt Ballou. They have announced a North American headlining tour with Pallbearer, Lucifer and Venomous Maximus. Stream “The Black Plot” below.

HIGH ON FIRE tour dates:
North American Luminiferous Tour

Jul 30: The Casbah – San Diego, CA
Jul 31: Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA
Aug 01: The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
Aug 03: Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
Aug 04: Rickshaw – Vancouver, BC
Aug 05: Neumos – Seattle, WA
Aug 07: The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 08: The Gothic – Denver, CO
Aug 10: Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN
Aug 11: Thalia Hall – Chicago, IL
Aug 12: The Loving Touch – Ferndale, MI
Aug 13: Opera House – Toronto, ON
Aug 14: Lost Horizon – Syracuse, NY
Aug 15: Irving Plaza – New York, NY
Aug 17: Royale – Boston, MA
Aug 18: Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY
Aug 19: Theatre of the Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA
Aug 20: Baltimore Sound Stage – Baltimore, MD
Aug 21: Ziggy’s – Winston-Salem, NC
Aug 22: Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
Aug 23: One Eyed Jack’s – New Orleans, LA (* Venomous Maximus will not appear)

Track listing:

01: The Black Plot
02: Carcosa
03: The Sunless Years
04: Slave the Hive
05: The Falconist
06: Dark Side of the Compass
07: The Cave
08: Luminiferous
09: The Lethal Chamber

High On Fire on Facebook
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High On Fire Releasing Luminiferous on June 23rd

HIGH ON FIRE (L to R: Des Kensel, Matt Pike, Jeff Matz) Photo Credit: T. Shinn

(L to R: Des Kensel, Matt Pike, Jeff Matz) Photo Credit: T. Shinn

High On Fire will be releasing their new album Luminiferous on June 23, 2015 via eOne Music. They recorded their new album at GodCity Studios in Salem, MA with producer Kurt Ballou.

Says vocalist/guitarist Matt Pike:

“We’re doing our part to expose The Elite and the fingers they have in religion, media, governments and financial world downfall and their relationship to all of our extraterrestrial connections in the race to control this world,”

“Wake up, it’s happening. All while we stare at a socially engineered lie we think of as normalcy. Unless we wake from the dream, there will come true doom.”

Luminiferous Track listing:

01: The Black Plot
02: Carcosa
03: The Sunless Years
04: Slave the Hive
05: The Falconist
06: Dark Side of the Compass
07: The Cave
08: Luminiferous
09: The Lethal Chamber

high on fire luminiferous

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