Judas Priest Reverses Their Decision on Andy Sneap, He Will Stay with The Band


In a strange turn of events, Judas Priest has announced that Andy Sneap, who has spent several years touring with the band live, will in fact stay with the band and continue to perform live on tour. Glenn Tipton will continue to occasionally appear with the band as well, when possible. This is a reversal after the iconic two-guitar sound band decided to continue as a four piece, with Rob Halford calling Sneap to dismiss him on New Year’s day. Sneap responded by admitted to being disappointed, and the fanbase and media definitely reacted as well. Priest’s rescheduled 50 Years of Heavy Metal tour kicks off soon.

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Judas Priest Announce 50 Heavy Metal Years Tour 2020

Judas Priest is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year with a world tour coming to the US in the fall. The 50 Heavy Metal Years Tour will also feature Sabaton as openers and is being fueled by the highest-charting album of Priest’s career ‘Firepower’ which peaked at #5 on the Billboard 200. Judas Priest originally formed in 1970 in Birmingham, England (an area that many feel birthed heavy metal). The original nucleus of musicians – Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton, KK Downing and Ian Hill (along with several different drummers over the years) would go on to change the face of heavy metal. The band has made some of the greatest albums in music history. Judas Priest’s lineup also includes Scott Travis on drums, and Richie Faulkner on lead guitar. Andy Sneap has been touring with the band on rhythm and lead guitar since 2018. In 2017 (and again in 2019) Their latest studio album Firepower (produced by Sneap and Tom Allom) which received global success and critical acclaim and released via Epic Records in 2018. The band was nominated for the 2020 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Continue reading

Glenn Tipton Thanks Judas Priest Fans For Their Support

Heavy Metal legend Glenn Tipton has passed a message on to Judas Priest fans, thanking them for their support during the year and a half after he announced he was battling Parkinson’s disease. Tipton was actually diagnosed with Parkinson’s more than five years ago after being stricken by the condition at least five years prior. He didn’t announce he was ill until early 2018 that he would sit out touring activities in support of their latest album, Firepower (Epic). He was replaced by ‘Firepower’ album producer Andy Sneap, who is also known for his work in NWOBHM loving band Hell and cult thrash outfit Sabbat. Tipton occasionally joins Priest onstage for its encores, performing ‘Metal Gods’, ‘Breaking The Law’ and ‘Living After Midnight’.Tipton, who turned 72 last Friday, October 25th.Continue reading

K.K. Downing (ex-Judas Priest) Performs For the Frist Time In Nearly 10 Years

K.K. Downing has been very vocal in the press about his disappointment of not being invited to rejoin Judas Priest after he left in 2011, and following Glenn Tipton’s battle with Parkinson’s disease. All of that fell aways yesterday as K.K joined Ross The Boss on stage at Bloodstock Open Air for a run-through of Priest classics! Watch the fan-filmed video below! Continue reading

Judas Priest Released “Defenders of the Faith” 35 Years Ago Today

The mid-1980s was a golden time for metal. Lots of great legend status acts were putting out amazing albums that had headbangers excited beyond belief. One such band was Judas Priest, who by this time had put out eight mostly stellar albums were coming off their all-time great work Screaming For Vengeance (Columbia). At the height of their powers they took their gains made from the previous release, came back a little meaner and leaner and released Defenders of the Faith (Columbia) on January 4th 1984. Continue reading

BLOODSTOCK 2018 Part I – Catton Hall, Derbyshire UK

With people on social media proudly sharing photographs of their recently purchased or newly patched up tents, or cirrhosis-inducing beer supplies during the days and even weeks leading up to the event itself, by the time the big day actually arrives, anticipation for Bloodstock 2018 has already turned into a Christmas-like level of excitement.Continue reading

Watch Judas Priest Perform “No Surrender” For The First Time Ever

Judas Priest has been blazing up stages all over the world on their Firepower world tour. Earlier this week at 013 Club in The Netherlands, the Priest played “No Surrender” for the first time. As part of their five-song encore, they were joined by Glenn Tipton on the song. Watch fan-filmed footage right now. The band will continue to tour all year and will headline Bloodstock Open Air this weekend. Continue reading

Judas Priest – Firepower

With eighteen studio albums and almost fifty years under their bullet belts, Judas Priest, alongside Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, have managed to become a household name even in houses where the occupants haven’t even heard of Heavy Metal. Their legacy is inarguable. In fact, there is so little left to say about the band that hasn’t already been documented in some way over the last four (now virtually five) decades, that all you really need to know is this: They’re Judas fucking Priest.Continue reading

Rob Halford Responds To KK Downing’s Recent Statement

Yesterday K.K. Downing released a statement saying that he was “shocked and stunned” that Judas Priest didn’t approach him to replace Glenn Tipton on their upcoming tour. He also insinuated that producer Andy Sneap was covering Tipton’s parts on the band’s new album, and Rob Halford has responded to that notion saying that it is “a thousand percent false.” Continue reading