ALBUM REVIEW: Wailin Storms – The Silver Snake Unfolds


North Carolina’s Wailin Storms are intriguingly described as shapeshifting, atmospheric noise rockers, and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that particular epithet at first. However, within the first few minutes of their latest album The Silver Snake Unfolds, (Gilead Media), I got the idea, and after subsequent listens I knew exactly what they meant. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Inexorum – Equinox Vigil


Nailed it. On first listen of Equinox Vigil (Gilead Media), I suspected this to be the work of one man, two at most. Wrapped up my first listen and immediately checked online only to confirm that Inexorum is indeed a two-person operation and from the Midwest no less. Those drab icy winters would likely compel a musician or two to abandon polite society and embrace extreme metal whole hog.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Pyrithe – Monuments to Impermanence

So, we have got to sit down and talk about how subgenre crazy the extreme metal world has become. It seems like with every week that goes by another fresh batch of new “subgenres” enter the metal lexicon. You see Deafheaven can’t be filed under Black Metal because they’re really a Post Existential Crisis Alternative Shoegaze Latte outfit. Ice Nine Kills’ early stuff was metalcore, but nowadays they’ve drifted over to Slasher Showtunes. I wish good luck to whoever has to classify whatever Pyrithe’s Monuments to Impermanence (Gilead Media).

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ALBUM REVIEW: Falls of Rauros – Key to a Vanishing Future

Once upon a time, I got a compliment on a hoodie I was wearing while ordering a beer at a brewery, and said bartender recommended a band called Falls of Rauros. I immediately checked them out and it was an easy win for my library of music. Now, the New England black metal group is back with another stellar release in Key to a Vanishing Future (Eisenwald Recordings/Gilead Media). Six tracks over the course of nearly forty-five minutes with each song keeping you intrigued is a true chef’s kiss.

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GIFT GUIDE: 2021 Black Friday and Holiday Gift Guide For Rockers and Metalheads

What to get the music fan that has everything? Find out with our handy 2021 Black Friday and Holiday Gift guide For Rockers and Metalheads. Check out all the links below to support bands, labels, festivals, record stores, and other small businesses this year.

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Mizmor Shares a New Music Video for “Wit’s End” – New Album Incoming

Avant-Garde Doom Metal artist Mizmor will release a highly anticipated new album Wit’s End on Gilead Media on January 14, 2022. The solo multi-instrumentalist A.L.N. goes by the moniker Mizmor and the album will be comprised of two songs, in a 30 minute album. In addition to the album artwork, and track listing, and a short 30 second clip of the masterfully animated music video by Zev Deans featuring the title track to “Wit’s End”Continue reading

Mizmor Announces Vinyl Release of “Dialetheia” Album

One of the best releases of 2020 was the incredible blackened drone album Dialetheia (Gilead Media) by Portland artist Mizmor (מזמור) and his collaborator Andy Black. Also appearing on the release is Emma Ruth Rundle. Mizmor is the outlet for visionary artist ALN. Pre-orders are live and shipping out immediately. There will also be a future sale of signed test pressings and the entire Mizmor discography is on sale at Bandcamp as well. Purchase and stream the album now.

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False Announces Breakup After Sexual Assault Allegations Against a Member

False has announced their immediate break up following the news they were hit with that a member of their band is the subject of sexual assault allegations, reportedly said to be Jimmy Claypool, according to commenters on their Facebook page, under their announcement post. This is disappointing since False has been one of the greatest USBM bands, during their existence. The statement made it clear that neither the other members of the ban nor their label Gilead Media, were involved or aware of the allegations. We’ll continue to follow this story as it unfolds. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Wailin’ Storms – Rattle

Having originally formed in Texas, Doom/Punk quartet Wailin’ Storms relocated to North Carolina and it’s possible that both areas may be contributing to the band’s thick soup of rebellion and a life in the darkness. Third album Rattle (Gilead Media) sees the band incorporate a Grungey, swamp-drenched edge to that sound, further uniting related yet disparate genres.Continue reading

Migration Fest Tickets on Sale Now!

Migration Fest tickets are on sale now! Presented by 20 Buck Spin and Gilead Media, Migration Fest III has booked False, Mizmor, Spirit Adrift, Yellow Eyes, Immortal Bird, Obsequiae, Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle Obsequiae, Imperial Triumphant, Buried At Sea, Falls of Rauros, Kowloon Walled City, Spirit Adrift, Tomb Mold, Ulthar and many more. The full list can be seen below. The fest takes place July 31st – August 2nd, 2020 and returning to Mr. Smalls in the Pittsburgh suburb of Millvale, PA.Continue reading