Watch Fan Filmed Footage From Ghost’s Popestar Tour


Occult rock stars Ghost kicked off their current “Popestar US Tour” at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium in Riverside, California on Monday night. You can now watch fan-filmed video of the songs ‘Square Hammer’ and ‘Mummy Dust’ from that show below: Continue reading

Watch Another Teaser From Ghost, Popestar Live Rituals Continue

Ghost, Trebmal Photography

Ghost, Trebmal Photography

Ghost have released another new teaser clip entitled The Summoning VI: The Proceedings Intensify in the wake of the release of their new Popestar EP which debuted at the No. 1 position on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums and Hard Rock Albums. The release is also the first EP to top the Top Rock Albums chart in its 10:year history. You can watch the teaser below:  Continue reading

Ghost – Popestar


Back when Swedish occult rockers Ghost were just hitting their stride of popularity, Ghost Cult was fortunate enough to interview a Nameless Ghoul. At the time, they dropped an exclusive bit of news on us, that they had the plan for their entire next five years of releases pretty set in stone. Continue reading

On The Road… with Ghost

ghost-black-to-the-future-north-america-tour-2016-photo ghostcultmag

Belial! Behemoth! Beelzebub! Asmodeus! Satanus! Lucifer!” If you are at show and hearing this verse sung by a choir, you are most certainly in the church of Ghost! The dark one goes by many names and Ghost knows them all, preaching their Satan loving philosophy in an occult rock candy coating shell of musical goodness. They are catchy enough to be popular in the modern sense of any metal band being “popular”, but make no mistake; this is one of the most subversive groups to infiltrate the mainstream in a long time. On this night the current leg of the US “Black To The Future” tour stopped off once again in Arizona, with the faithful masses gathered at the ready. Commanded by the ministrations of Papa Emeritus III and his Nameless Ghouls, crowds at a Ghost headline show are often found in a froth from the jump off. The set list was a heavy mix of 2015’s Meliora (Spinefarm/Loma Vista) and the bands’ earlier work too. The aura and imagery are certainly entrancing, but it is the music that makes fans commit so deeply to the band. They were captured for Ghost Cult tonight by Melina Dellamarggio of Melina D Photography.


Ghost, by Melina D Photography

Ghost, by Melina D Photography


Ghost, by Melina D Photography

Ghost, by Melina D Photography


Ghost, by Melina D Photography

Ghost, by Melina D Photography


Ghost, by Melina D Photography

Ghost, by Melina D Photography


Ghost, by Melina D Photography

Ghost, by Melina D Photography

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Ghost Are Looking For Nuns For Black To The Future Tour


Occult rock band Ghost has put out an announcement that they are seeking “Nuns”, female fans to dress in Nuns’ habits for each night of their current “Black To The Future Tour.”

Ladies of the World!

We are looking for females to serve as NUNS at every gig, since we usually rely on local talent everywhere we go.

So, if this is something for YOU –

– DATE OF BIRTH (which we will need since you will be handing out alcohol, so you have to be 21 years old)


Important : Write THE CITY IN WHICH YOU WISH TO PARTAKE in the header

ghost band

Ladies of the World!We are looking for females to serve as NUNS at every gig, since we usually rely on local talent…

Posted by Ghost on Monday, September 28, 2015

Video: Ghost’s Deezer Performance Streaming, USA Tour Underway

Ghost courtesy of Deezer

The Deezer music service is streaming their exclusive Ghost live performance video. Three songs were performed: ‘From The Pinnacle To The Pit’, ‘Cirice’ and ‘Absolution’ from their recent acclaimed album Meliora (Spinefarm/Loma Vista). You can watch the video at this link or below:

Ghost is currently on their North American dates for their “Black To The Future Tour”, performing in Boston tonight at The House of Blues. UK dates are booked for later this year:


Ghost – Black To The Future Tour (UK dates)

Dec 12: Beckett University- Leeds UK

Dec 14: Rock City- Nottingham, UK

Dec 15: Institute- Birmingham, UK

Dec 16: Academy- Newcastle, UK

Dec 18: ABC- Glasgow, SC

Dec 19: Ritz- Manchester, UK

Dec 20: Academy- Bristol, UK

Dec 21: Koko- London, UK

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Video: Ghost- From The Pinnacle To The Pit

Still from Ghost Meliora video

Ghost released their new video from the song ‘From The Pinnacle To The Pit’, from their album Meliora (Spinefarm/Loma Vista). You can watch the video at this link or below:

On the heels of a successful mini unplugged tour to promote the album, Ghost will launch a full US Tour later this month:

Ghost – “Black To The Future Tour” US tour dates

Sept 22: The Fillmore – Washington, DC
Sept 23: Newport Music Hall- Columbus, OH
Sept 25: Stage AE- Pittsburgh, PA
Sept 26: Union Transfer- Philadelphia, PA
Sept 27: Terminal 5- New York, NY
Sept 28: House of Blues- Boston, MA
Sept 30: Metropolis: Montreal, QC
Oct. 01: Sound Academy- Toronto, ON
Oct. 02: The Majestic Theater- Detroit, MI
Oct. 03: The Riviera- Chicago, IL
Oct. 05: Liberty Hall- Lawrence, KS
Oct. 06: The Pageant- St. Louis, MO
Oct. 08: The Civic Auditorium- New Orleans, LA
Oct. 09: The Tabernacle- Atlanta, GA
Oct. 10: Beacham Theatre- Orlando, FL
Oct. 11: The Ritz- Tampa, FL
Oct. 13: House of Blues- Dallas, TX
Oct. 14: Aztec Theater- San Antonio, TX
Oct. 16: Sunshine Theater- Albuquerque, NM
Oct. 17: Sumitt Music Hall- Denver, CO
Oct. 19: Knitting Factory- Boise, ID
Oct. 20: El Corazon- Seattle, WA
Oct. 21: Roseland Theatre- Portland, OR
Oct. 23: Warfield- San Francisco, CA
Oct. 26: The Mayan Theater- Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 27: Knitting Factory- Reno, NV
Oct. 28: The Depot- Salt Lake City, UT
Oct. 30: Northside Park Theater- San Diego, CA
Oct. 31: House of Blues- Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 01: Monster Mash Festival- Phoenix, AZ

Ghost, photo credit- Spinefarm Records

Ghost, photo credit- Spinefarm Records

Additional dates for the UK have been book. Tickets are on sale now:

Dec 12: Beckett University- Leeds, UK

Dec 14: Rock City – Nottingham, UK

Dec 15: Institute – Birmingham, UK

Dec 16: Academy – Newcastle, UK

Dec 18: ABC – Glasgow, UK

Dec 19: Ritz – Manchester, UK

Dec 20: Academy- Bristol, UK

Dec 21: KOKO – London, UK


Audio: Ghost Releases Majesty Single, Meliora Album Two Weeks Away

Ghost majesty single

Ghost has released another single today from their highly anticipated new album Meliora (Spinefarm/Loma Vista), releasing on August 21st. Listen to ‘Majesty’ at this link or below:

A Nameless Ghoul has commented on the theme of ‘Majesty’:

Lyrically, it’s on one hand a hymn about the dark lord of the underworld. On the other hand it paints a picture of a swarm of people, whom in a world of complete disaster, idolizes an authority that is clearly looking down upon the. How to love something that hates you back.”


Ghost has already announced “Black To the Future” tours of the USA and Europe to promote Meliora. More dates are forthcoming.

Darke Complex – Widow EP


So-called ‘anonymous’ bands seem to be all of the rage nowadays, with bands such as King 810, The Hell and Ghost BC attempting, and often failing, to keep their identities secret. Although this is often used as a gimmick, Darke Complex have definitely managed to use this to their advantage, intriguing metalcore fans from across the world and managing to create a loyal fan base. The mysterious band refers to each member as a number from one to four, so excuse the rather ambiguous review!

Opening track ‘Crows’ is full of grindcore-like riffs and heavy breakdowns, instantly proving the musical direction of Darke Complex. The filthy bass-heavy music merges perfectly with the harsh vocals of the anonymous vocalist(s), creating something both unique and exciting. There are so many different elements to this song which may seem like it would be disorientated, however, they merge together extremely well. If you played ‘Crows’ to someone who had never heard of Darke Complex before it is safe to say that they would either absolutely love it or completely despite it.

‘Frigid’ includes rap-style vocals, which fuses perfectly with the ominous and almost grime-like music. This track does not sound like metalcore music at all, but more like horror-style rap music. With every track sounding completely different than the last, it is clear that the Darke Complex are using their anonymous identities to explore many different styles and genres of music without any pre-conceptions.

Final song ‘Intrusive Thoughts’ is hard-hitting and furiously fast, proving that the Darke Complex do not like to slow the pace down. With such energetic music it would definitely be interesting to see exactly what the Darke Complex are like live: if it is anything like their Widow EP (Spinefarm) you should expect carnage!

If you are an open-minded metal fan who enjoys listening to something which breaks stereotypical genre constraints then you should definitely give Darke Complex a listen: even if you do not like their music you will probably end up respecting them for their experimental nature.



Darke Complex on Facebook