Les Discrets – Prédateurs

In France’s hugely abundant and ever reaching music scene, Fursy Teyssier is a name that should be heralded as a driving force and an important figurehead within its wealth. Formerly a part of both Alcest and Amesoeurs’ fabric (in different capacities), Les Discrets is Teyssier’s main outlet today and represented a chance to branch out in artistic ways he could not in previous. With such a pedigree in the Shoegaze/Black Metal that Alcest are especially renowned for, it may surprise many to see the stylistic shift that third full length Prédateurs (Prophecy) has undertaken; but its sheer quality and artistic integrity should not be a shock.Continue reading

Witching Hour – An Interview With The Vision Bleak

thevisionbleak_schwadorf2_2013_ With Witching Hour (Prophecy Productions) German doom/gothic metal formation The Vision Bleak returns to the fold after an absence of three years. Ghost Cult caught up with Ulf Theodor Schwadorf, the band’s guitarist, to discuss the new album, its concept and the rather special video clip of ‘The Wood Hag’..Continue reading