Coheed and Cambria Shares Holiday Themed Animated Video for “Toys”

Legendary Progressive Metallers Coheed and Cambria have teamed up with Funny or Die to debut their new music video for the track ‘Toys’. Directed by Alek Wasilewski and subtitled ‘The Unheavenly Christmas Carol,’ the concept for the clip was created by bandleader Claudio Sanchez. Directed by Alek Wasilewski, the song comes from Coheed’s recent album The Unheavenly Creatures. Funny or Die shared the video with the quote: “We’re in the middle of 45’s impeachment… that’s a lot to try and cope with during the holiday season, but Coheed and Cambria’s here to meld holiday bliss with democratic shit-shows.”

Sanchez remarked, “I’ve wanted to ‘toy’ with a Santa story for some time. I guess, no better time than the present. And for Jolly Ole’ to decide if he’s Naughty or Nice? The President.”

Watch 311 And The Offspring Get Busted By The Super Troopers In A Funny Or Die Video

Summer is here and 311 and The Offspring are going on the “Never Ending Summer” co-headline tour! Watch them get pulled over (profiled?) by The Super Troopers’Ramathorn (JayChandrasekhar) and Farva (Kevin Heffernan) thanks to this video from Funny Or Die. Super Troopers 2 came out this past April from Fox Searchlight Films. Continue reading

Coheed And Cambria Make Video Lampooning Supreme Court Judge Anton Scalia

Coheed and Cambria Funny Or Die

Coheed and Cambria have created a satirical video making fun of Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia’s recent dissents on the Affordable Care Act and the Defense of Marriage Act. The noted progressive metal band set Scalia’s written dissent’s to song, and premiered the video on Funny or Die. The video can be seen at this link or below: