Satan Takes a Holiday – A New Sensation

If you haven’t heard of Satan Takes a Holiday, (STAH) you need to do yourself a favor. These Swedes have been around since 2006 and have released four albums—adding much-needed spunk and life to the sometimes dull Rock n’ Roll. Their fifth full-length, A New Sensation (Despotz Records) doesn’t hold back and it presents you with the most fun you will have this year. Continue reading

Bitch Hawk – Joy

Not even a whole year after the release of their debut self-titled album, the extreme metal mob, Bitch Hawk are back at it again with their latest full release Joy (Adrian Recordings). The short time span has no effect on the quality of the music whatsoever. With a diverse range of musical backgrounds in the band, from Ska bands to writing for Charli XCX, this mixed bag of influences and sounds come together to create this unforgettable album.Continue reading