The Black Queen At The Gramercy Theater

The Black Queen 12-09-2016

At The Gramercy Theater, New York, NY

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Video: The Black Queen- Distanced

The Black Queen Distance video still

Electro R&B and Rock collective The Black Queen has debuted a new video for their track ‘Distanced’. You can watch the clip at this link or below:


‘Distanced’ is the fourth video/single from the band’s upcoming album Fever Daydream releasing on January 29th . The other three videos released were ‘Maybe We Should’,‘The End Where We Start’, and ‘Ice to Never’. Frontman Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) is joined in The Black Queen byJosh Eustis (Puscifer) and Steven Alexander. Puciato commented on the ‘Distanced’ video:

The video came about from Steve showing me cloud tanks, which were what a guy named Douglas Trumbull used to make the cloud effects in ‘Close Encounters.’ The visuals produced with those carried such a perfect combination of beauty and implied dread. We wanted to lean on the lyrics a bit in this song, which are about longing and fixation, the burden of absence, and figured we could do that in a more creative way than a normal lyric video, so I got together with Jesse Draxler, who we’ve worked with on the artwork for the album and ‘The End Where We Start’ single, and collaborated with on the ‘Maybe We Should’ video, and we built a cloud tank one night and shot endless amounts of footage until about five in the morning. We put the lyrics on heavy black poster board behind the tank, and then mailed them to people when we were done. The whole feel of this band has been so delicate and personal to us, and we’ve been so hands on with everything, so it’s nice to know that some people out there received a surprise piece of this video. That’s the part that was really gratifying. Knowing that like fifteen people would be like ‘what is this?’ and then see the video a day later. An element of human connection.”


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The band has booked a début live performance which promises to be an exploration of the group’s audio/visual style on January 29th.

The Black Queen debuts live:

Jan 29: Complex – Glendale, CA – buy tickets here.

Pre-orders for Fever Daydream are live now on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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Video: The Black Queen- Ice to Never

Still image from The Black Queen 'Ice to Never' video

Still image from The Black Queen ‘Ice to Never’ video

Los Angeles artsy electonic trio The Black Queen, led by Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato, has released a new video for the single ‘Ice to Never’. You can watch the video at this link or below:


The Black Queen new single

Directed by Rob Sheridan, known for his work with Nine Inch Nails, the video follows TBQ’s Stephen Alexander walking around downtown L.A.

Puciato comments on the ‘Ice To Never’ video

The bulk of this album was written and recorded living together in a desolate industrial area of downtown LA, a few blocks from skid row, so it felt right to incorporate the area into the video…”

Our lives at the time were also each in this sort of insular but necessary ‘dark night of the soul’ type of rebuilding period, but this song in particular coming together carried a moment of uplift with it,” “Musically, lyrically, overall energy. The juxtaposition felt tangibly surreal. We wanted to marry all of that together in the video. There is positive energy in the skid row shots. It’s there in reality. In any instance where there is the hope that comes from the camaraderie of a group struggle. The end ocean scene can be a symbol of many things. The ominous unknown, or the prize to which people blindly and unwaveringly aspire to; the top. Or it’s the mistake of trying to do everything alone. Any and all of those can magnetize and then swallow and destroy you. Rob did an amazing job with the concept, as well as with adding visual period piece nods to the time that we all grew our roots in.”

‘Ice to Never’ comes from Fever Daydream, the forthcoming debut from The Black Queen, due out in early 2016. Digital downloads of both “Ice To Never” and another single, “The End Where We Start” are available via iTunes.


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The Black Queen is:

Greg Puciato – vocals and programming

Steven Alexander – programming/production

Josh Eustis – multi-imstrumentalist/programming

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