Pantera’s “Far Beyond Driven” Turns 25 Years Old

It’s the mid-nineties and while the economy is flourishing, our president gets cool points for playing the sax on television and we have Super Metroid, we still found the need to complain. And of all the things to moan about during that decade, one of the silliest is to decry the lack of decent metal. Did we all suddenly forget that Pantera dropped possibly the heaviest release to debut atop the Billboard Top 200 in Far Beyond Driven (Eastwest)?Continue reading

Pantera Teases Far Beyond Driven 25th Anniversary Vinyl

1990s Metal legends Pantera have released a teaser via their official Facebook page, promoting a vinyl reissue of their classic 1994 album Far Beyond Driven (East-West). The band is promoting an early sign-up mailing list link in their post, you can use below. The Twenty-Fifth anniversary of its release is coming up on March 22nd! Famously, Far Beyond Driven was the first ever Metal album to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts and Pantera’s only #1 album. It spawned four rock and metal charting hit singles in ‘I’m Broken’, Black Sabbath cover ‘Planet Caravan’, ‘5 Minutes Alone’ and ‘Becoming’. It is arguably their best album and the one that cemented their legacy forever. No word yet if the group is preparing any other surprise releases or content. Pantera members and brothers “Dimebag” Darrell Lance Abbott and Vinnie Paul Abbott have now both passed on, Dime in 2004 and Vinnie Paul last summer. Continue reading

Remembering Vinnie Paul Abbott, Metal Drumming Legend 1964-2018

The world lost an amazing drummer and by all accounts a great person when Vinnie Paul Abbott passed away on 6/22/2018 at age 54. As the drummer of Pantera, he formed the battery of the band that would put the metal genre on their backs in the 1990s. Often imitated and never duplicated, Vinnie was heavy influenced by legends from his childhood like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Slayer, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and KISS. However, what he put down behind the kit for more than 30 years was a major source of inspiration for a legion of drummers that followed. Continue reading

Bleed From Within – Era

Back after a five-year hiatus are Glasgow’s Bleed From Within with their new record Era (Century Media), and while it may have been an agonising wait it has been well worth it. The band themselves have always been greatly underappreciated; their back catalogue is impressive and they have never really stuck to the same formula throughout their career.Continue reading

Rex Brown And Photographer Joe Giron To Host Pantera Book Signing This Weekend

Pantera, photo credit Joe Giron/Lesser Gods

Pantera, photo credit Joe Giron/Lesser Gods

Rex Brown and photographer/author Joe Giron will get together in New Jersey this weekend for a signing of Joe’s book A Vulgar Display of Pantera our now on the Lesser Gods Publishing imprint. Continue reading

Joe Giron – A Vulgar Display Of Pantera

A Vulgar Display of Pantera book cover ghostcultmag

Chances are your first memory of a band after you’ve heard the music for the first time was through a photo. There was a time before YouTube videos, massive concert tours, and ubiquitous festivals that the only way you ever saw a band was in a magazine. Now that technology has made it possible for everyone with an iPhone or a decent DSLR camera to think they are a concert photographer, everyone and their mom is trying to shoot and cover bands. However, there is more to pictures of bands than aiming a device in the general direction of the stage; there is an art to capturing the essence of people, on film, or now digitally.

Continue reading