Tomahawk Shares New Video for “Dog Eat Dog”


Rock supergroup Tomahawk has shared a new graphic video for their song “Dog Eat Dog”! The track comes off of their first full-length album in eight years, Tonic Immobility, on March 26 via Ipecac Recordings. The band features Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard, Unsemble), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Fantômas), Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, co-owner of Ipecac) and John Stanier (Helmet, Battles). Watch the video now!

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Tomahawk Shares New Single “Business Casual” – New Album Details Revealed

Avant-garde Rock supergroup Tomahawk will release its first full-length album in eight years, Tonic Immobility, on March 26 via Ipecac Recordings. The band features Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard, Unsemble), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Fantômas), Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, co-owner of Ipecac) and John Stanier (Helmet, Battles), and the band dropped a new single and visualizer for “Business Casual” which you can hear now!

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Watch a Vocal Coach Analyze Mike Patton’s Many Vocal Styles

Vocal instructor and YouTuber Beth Roars is back with another video where she critiques the talents and performances of singers. Watch her critique Mike Patton of Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom, Fantômas, Mondo Cane, Dead Cross and more. Watch her give hot takes on samples of Patton’s “greatest hits” such as ‘Get Out’, ‘Evidence’, ‘Cuckoo for Caca’, ‘Easy’, ‘Just A Man’, ‘My Ass is On Fire’, and a few more tracks to get a sense of his vast range and ability to perform in different styles. Check it out! Continue reading

Mike Patton Cancels NFL Appearance Due To Illness

Mike Patton (Faith No More, Dead Cross, Mr. Bungle, Mondo Cane, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom, Fantômas) was slated to sing the US National Anthem ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ yesterday before the Dallas Cowboys versus the Los Angels Rams NFL Playoffs game. Sadly, at the last-minute, Patton canceled due to illness. Too bad since Patton is a legend and it would have been rad to see him sing in a more traditional setting. Get well soon Mike! We hope you get another shot someday.

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Bedwetter Streaming Debut EP, Releasing Next Week

Paul Catten and Mark Seddon, heard from last earlier in 2017 with the crushing new Barrabus album, have returned to expand earholes again with their new Bedwetter project. The duo are streaming their debut EP, releasing September 11th via Future Noise Records, right now. Continue reading

Fantômas Play First U.S. Show In Nine Years

Fantômas, the super group featuring Faith No More’s Mike Patton, MelvinsBuzz Osborne, and Mr. Bungle’s Trevor Dunn, reunited for their first U.S. performance in nine years this past Saturday in California. Continue reading

Dave Lombardo Named To Drum For The Reunited Misfits Lineup At Riot Fest Next Month

Dave Lombardo

Dave Lombardo. Photo credit Echoes In The Well


Metal legend Dave Lombardo has been tapped to play drums with the reunited lineup of The Misfits Next month at Riot Fest in Chicago and Denver. The current Misfits band includes founders Glenn Danzig, Jerrry Only, and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.

Lomardo commented on the occasion:

The Misfits created the horror punk attitude and had a massive influence on modern rock, punk and metal,” Lombardo says. “It was an easy decision for me to join them for these monumental shows. I was honored to be asked, and am very excited to be playing with the band.”

Danzig also commented:

I first met Dave back in 1988 when Danzig did four shows with Slayer in the U.S. before the first Danzig album was released. Dave is one of the best drummers around, and I can’t wait for everyone to see him pounding Misfits songs live for these special shows.”

Jerry Only commented as well:

Lombardo is “a master at what he does. With the immensity of the two shows we’re planning together, the biggest decision we had was who is going to keep time and power this monster machine on drums? When Dave Lombardo’s name was thrown into the ring, Glenn and I were immediately on the same page from the very start; a good sign of things to come. I think the darker side of punk we created with the Misfits spawned the growth and evolution of punk into thrash, and sired bands like Metallica and Slayer, just as we inspired countless others in the punk revolution.”

In addition to his time with Slayer, Testament, Grip Inc, Fantômas and Philm, Lombardo has recently formed and recorded his debut with post-hardcore band Dead Cross band, and will also play on the forthcoming album from Suicidal Tendencies.

Riot Fest Denver takes place next weekend, September 2-4th and the Chicago edition will take place on the weekend of September .16th – 18th

Riot Fest Dencver And Chicago

Dälek Announces Comeback Album, Asphalt For Eden On Profound Lore

DÄLEK ASPHALT FOR EDEN album cover 2016

Underground cult hip-hop trio Dälek have created a new album due out this April from Profound Lore on April 22nd. Asphalt For Eden will be their first full-length album since 2009s Gutter Tactics (Ipecac). They have released 5 other albums and performed with KRS One, Tomahawk, The Melvins, TOOL, Grandmaster Flash, Jesu, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pharcyde, RJD2, DeLa Soul, Prince Paul, Lovage, ZU, Black Heart Procession, Gaslamp Killer, Earth, Flying Lotus, The Bug, Mastodon, Fantomas among others.

Dälek band photo 2016

Dälek – Asphalt For Eden track listing:

1. Shattered

2. Guaranteed Struggle

3. Masked Laughter (Nothing’s Left)

4. Critical

5. 6dB

6. Control

7. It Just Is


They have booked a record release show in Brooklyn on April 22nd. Support will come from Dreamcrusher and Psalm Zero.

Dälek record release party, with Dreamcrusher and Psalm Zero

The Bell House

Brooklyn, New York

$12.00 – $15.00

This Event Is 21 And Over

Doors: 8:00 PM – show: 9:00 PM


Dälek is:

MC Dälek -vocals/producing

DJ rEk on turntables

Mike Manteca – samplers, effects and co-producer

Dälek on Facebook

Dälek online

Profound Lore online

Profound Lore om Facebook


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tētēma – Geocidal


Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Not when it comes music, no. Geocidal (Ipecac Recordings) is the debut release of the experimental juggernaut tētēma; the lovechild of Mike Patton composer Anthony Pateras. If Patton’s previous track record of the weird and wonderful was anything to go off of, things were about to get interesting. This album did not disappoint.

Geocidal begins with the percussion filled ‘Invocation of the Swarm’ that could almost be compared to a mix between Tomahawk and Fantômas. Patton’s vocals aren’t the focal point of the track and this trend continues with each subsequent song. ‘Pure War’ is an excellent example of this. His voice stands out at some points but not during others. It is an additional instrument complimenting Pateras’ work.

‘Irundi’ breaks away to a lighter almost tribal sound invoking nature and rain. I love this song, everything about it perfect and I just want to keep it on repeat. It is clean and precise in the beginning and slowly becomes corrupted as bits and pieces of more electronic sounds are introduced into the mix before it dissolves into distorted vocals and cuts out.

‘Ten Years Tricked’ may just be the highlight of the album for me. A few notes on a piano here and there, vocals scattered throughout, the occasional brass and woodwind that take things from cold and uncomfortable to almost sensual. It may appear to be one of the more simple tracks on the album but it’s arranged extremely well and just works. Even the moments of silence only add to the song.

Overall, I am very pleased with this album. It makes you think and it makes you wonder what exactly Patton and Pateras were thinking when putting it together. You can interpret these pieces in so many ways and that’s what makes it all so interesting. Every new listen reveals something new; a note that had previously gone unnoticed, vocals snaking their way through the music with more force or a different intent. Each and every song brings something different to the table and pulls you in multiple directions. At times haunting and frightening, while soft and soothing at others, tētēma’s Geocidal is a living, breathing creature that is well worth your time and energy. It’s a little scary, in a very good way.



tētēma on Facebook