Facebook Clarifies New Livestreaming Music Policy Changes


Yesterday we reported on Facebook’s update to the Music policy, regarding livestreaming. This policy has been in place since 2018 (and they have not acted on banning any pages since this time) and updated on Friday, September 11th. Being that we have some experience with social media (our owner is a digital marketing expert for brands), we tried to shed a light on these changes and what they mean for bands. A representative of Facebook saw our post and reached out to us to clarify Facebook’s policy. Since we want to enlighten bands and fans on what is possible and what is prohibited, here is a synopsis of what the new rules really mean. 

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Facebook to Prohibit Bands from Certain Types of Livestreams On October 1st

Facebook has revealed new plans to limit streamed events, according to the terms of their Facebook Music rules for the platform. Although like most changes with the monolithic social platform, it is designed to prevent abuse and litigation from record labels, DJ’s and cover song artists, it seems like a terrible misjudgment against artists and creators who utilize the platform. Effective October 1st Facebook announced that musicians will not be allowed to “use videos on our Products to create a music listening experience.” The rule change comes with the threat that bands will have their account banned or deleted for failure to comply. Especially following the pandemic, bands and artists have taken to streaming for a variety of purposes for promotion and profit, and Facebook even instituted a tip jar type payment platform, in an attempt to compete with Twitch and YouTube Live videos. Facebook has turned around on this idea and now states they want their technology to be used to connect family and friends to one another, not to connect musicians to their fans. Read Facebook’s full statement. Continue reading