ALBUM REVIEW: The Flight of Sleipnir – Eventide

Colorado’s The Flight of Sleipnir has maintained a consistent but eclectic sound for nearly fifteen years, mixing Doom and Atmospheric Black Metal with elements of Folk and Prog Rock in a way that should sit well with fans of Agalloch. Their seventh album mostly adheres to this genre blend and boasts the fuller production that was last seen on 2017’s Skadi. However, Eventide (Eisenwald) manages to tweak the formula as those Blackened elements seem to be upfront than before.

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Music Expo Boston – At The Record Co.

Last weekend the Music Expo Boston went underway at The Record Co., a non-profit music incubator on Mass. Ave. in Boston was transformed into an expo with speakers all day talking about various topics regarding music business. While Boston isn’t necessarily known for music business, but when events like this pop up it changes the trend. Continue reading