Lars-Göran Petrov, Vocalist of Entombed A.D., is Battling Cancer 

Legendary Death Metal vocalist Lars-Göran Petrov, best known for Entombed and Entombed A.D., has revealed he has cancer.   The Swedish singer’s health setback was broken earlier today on social media. The band shared a photo of Petrov at what appears to be a treatment center, and included the following message: “Sad news.. LG Petrov has been struck by cancer and he is undergoing chemo treatment to try and control it. Our thoughts and strength goes out to our brother. If you want to support him In these hard times, click on the link in the Bio and feel free to donate. #fuckcancer #fightforlifeandmetal’

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Entombed A.D. – Vader: Live at The Empire, Coventry (UK)

With a musical heritage steeped in Indie, Alternative and Ska, Coventry has never really enjoyed a thriving metal scene. The birthplace of Cathedral and Bolt Thrower, the city has certainly contributed to the cause, but without a decent live venue for years, and with Birmingham just twenty miles down the road, most bands end up playing elsewhere. Even The Empire, the recently opened venue chosen for tonight’s darkest metal rumblings, boasts a “Ska Bar”. Continue reading

FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Damnation Festival 2018

Damnation Festival, the long-running extreme underground one-dayer in the UK, takes place once again at Leeds University for the 13th edition. Headlined by Napalm Death, Ihsahn (exclusive UK appearance), Entombed A.D., Vader, Annal Nathrakh and also featuring Batoushka, The Ocean, Ne Obliviscaris, Celeste, Rosetta and more. Taking place on four stages with over 30 bands, this is a can’t miss show. If you don’t already have tickets, bad news, it is totally sold out! Most of the bands don’t clash too badly, save for Vader and The Ocean (tough call if you love both bands). Check out our stage by stage breakdown, clash minder, and other info below. Continue reading

Damnation Festival Adds Cancer, Bong, Monuments, Vola And More

Damnation Festival has closed the loop on the band lineup announcements for 2018, with the addition of Cancer, Monuments, Bong, Vola, Hundred Year Old Man, and Lik. Lik is a supergroup featuring members of Bloodbath and Katatonia. 2018 marks the 14th installment of the festival, hosted by Leeds University Union on Saturday, November 3. Tickets are on sale now. Continue reading

Entrails – World Inferno

I’ve mentioned before (and will again – us writers, like bands, have our favoured phrases we come back to, like the metaphoric pooch returning to its gut-chunks), but predictability is underrated. And a bloody good thing, too, at times, because back for the fifth time of asking, and spilling their fetid guts for the baying hordes in time honoured Sunlight styled fashion, is Sweden’s Entrails with World Inferno (Metal Blade). Continue reading

Firespawn – The Reprobate

Formed in 2015 after the well documented dissolution and formation of Entombed and Entombed A.D., Swedish supergoup Firespawn (known briefly as Fireborn) comprises guitarists Victor Brandt (Entombed AD) and Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed), bassist Alex “Impaler” Friberg (Necrophobic), former Dark Funeral drummer Matte Modin, and of course, legendary Entombed vocalist L-G Petrov. Continue reading

Entombed A.D. Releases Their New Dead Dawn Video And Announces New U.S. Tour Dates


Entombed A.D. fans rejoice! The band has, not only released their zombie-filled video for the title track off their latest album, but they’ve also announced new U.S. tour dates too. Continue reading

Entombed A.D. – Dead Dawn

Entombed AD Dead Dawn album cover ghostcultmag

The seemingly timeless Swedish death metal outfit, Entombed A.D. (yeah we still have to use the A.D. suffix), has returned with Dead Dawn (Century Media). The album has a fair balance of the faster, thrashy kind of death metal but also dabbles in the slower, doomier side as well. While I enjoy both sides of the spectrum, it is almost a best practice to have a variety of tempos across the handful of tracks that make the cut for an album anyways. Obviously there have been exceptions to that rule, but when an album comes out where all tracks are enjoyable and do not follow a single formula, you have a solid release.

At just over forty minutes, Dead Dawn had some fun tracks that I could see myself coming back to. ‘As the World Fell’ is one of the slower, heavy tracks on the album that is one of the standouts. On each repeat of the album, this song became an anticipated track to get to. The slow head bang that ensues as second nature whilst playing is a tell tale sign that I found one of my favorites. ‘Silent Assassin’ is from the other side of Entombed A.D., the fast and technical side. Most of the song has a nice d-beat feel to it that is sure to get your legs moving in a two-step formation, specifically to piss off your elitist friends. The beat does change up a bit and even hits that memorable Slayer-type beat on the bell of the ride cymbal (you know exactly which one I am talking about).


Overall I have been fairly happy listening to Dead Dawn. Instrumentally, the album is tight as can be and is for the most part, memorable. There are just times when I expected either a nice growl or maybe even a blood-curling scream, but Lars-Goran Petrov just does not have those dimensions to his vocal capabilities. I just feel there are times where someone with such vocal abilities (even if just a backing track) could really give the sound a bit more backbone. Either way, chalk this one up as another solid metal release for 2016, but nothing revolutionary.





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