Rivers of Nihil Books Headline Tour With Entheos, Conjurer and Wolf King

Capping off a huge year, Metal Blade artists Rivers of Nihil have announced a headline tour of the USA this spring. Once they are through on tour in Europe, opening for labelmates Revocation; they will embark on dates with Entheos, Conjurer, and Wolf King as direct support. The band released their acclaimed Where Owls Know My Name album last March, which went on to earn a Top 10 ranking Ghost Cult’s Album of The Year Countdown, landing at number nine! Continue reading


Rings Of Saturn, Nekrogoblikon, Allegaeon, Entheos Tour Dates

Rings Of Saturn will be hitting the road in March with Nekrogoblikon, Allegaeon, and Entheos. Continue reading

REVIEWS ROUND-UP: Week 45 (2017) Part 1 – feat. Evanescence, AUÐN, code, Entheos, Erkonauts and more…

The Ghost Cult album round-up is back in town, for your vulgar delectation… Continue reading

November 10th, 2017 Metal Releases

Check out all of today’s new releases in the heavy metal world! Continue reading

Whitechapel Announce “Decade of Defilement” Tour With Carnifex, Rings Of Saturn, And More

This November/December, Whitechapel will embark on a North American tour, entitled “Decade of Defilement”, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of The Somatic Defilement. Continue reading

Entheos – The Infinite Nothing

Entheos – The Infinite Nothing album cover ghostcultmag

In the world of extreme metal, Entheos is what the experts like to call a blue chip prospect. They’re fairly new (a year and some change, roughly), but they’ve already released the well-received Primal EP and have got some serious roadwork done with the likes of The Contortionist, The Black Dahlia Murder and Revocation. And about one year after the release of Primal, they’ve already cooked up their debut full length The Infinite Nothing (Artery Recordings).

With a work ethic like that it’s easy to understand the prized prospect status. But the secret to these young turks success also can be drawn from the members individual pedigrees. For starters, bass wunderkind Evan Brewer spent some quality time in The Faceless while drummer Navene Koperweis kept rhythm for Animals as Leaders. And before that they gigged in the underappreciated in their time Animosity. You may also remember vocalist and human furnace Chaney Crabb from Systems or the Veil of Maya audition video that made the internet rounds. Guitarist Malcolm Pugh is a one man band in A Loathing Requiem.

So you’re probably asking what The Infinite Nothing sounds like. It sounds exactly as how you imagine it. The Infinite Nothing is as fine as tech-death gets. Brutal slam and technical proficiency is dealt out in equal measure while wrapped in a vague sci-fi theme. The oddly titled ‘Bad Chemicals’ and lead single ‘Neural Damage’ are some stellar examples of technical finesse that still bludgeons the reptile brain.

And if you’re thinking it sounds like I just described Unique Leader’s entire catalogue, then you’re not entirely wrong. This is death metal with sci-fi sounding song titles. However unlike most in that quickly crowding field, there is an uncluttered feeling to Entheos’ style. ‘Mind Alone’ crushes like anything their contemporaries can muster, but not relying on studio trickery or heavy samples. Also kudos to Crabb on being a standout growler in a field full of mic cuppers. Think of her voice as an extra angry Mark Hunter from Chimaira who also just stepped on a tack before walking into the booth. Pugh rips into solos like a motivated Michael Keene, while Brewer’s bass acrobatics fill in for the lack of a second guitarist.

Noting their consummate hunger for work (long layoffs were Brewer’s reason to quit The Faceless), Entheos will continue to evolve and scale the extreme metal ladder. Wouldn’t doubt another strong release by next year.



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On the Road… with The Black Dahlia Murder

2015 indiemerchtrour Black Dahlia Murder second leg usa

For over a decade IndieMerchStore has been an indispensable partner to bands and record labels as a great place to sell band merchandise and music. You may not know this, but many bands only make money off of stuff they sell on tour and with the prowess and power of IndieMerchStore, they have a partner with a vested interest in making online sales easy and seamless. In the time since the company formed, they have also been a great help to the touring industry, sponsoring huge tours all the way down to small, get-in-the-van type artists. This holds especially true for underground bands in rock, metal, and death metal. So to celebrate their 10th year the brand booked a tour featuring death metal acolytes The Black Dahlia Murder and a cadre of killer bands. These tours also represented TBDM’s first tours in support of their recent album Abysmal (Metal Blade)  Booked in two legs across the USA, the recently completed second leg featured Goatwhore, Iron Reagan, Entheos and Artificial Brain. Each band brought their own special something to the tour. It was loud, it’s was sweaty and in general, everyone raged. Ghost Cult’s Meg Loyal of  Meg Loyal Photography caught up with the tour for us at The Sinclair in Boston, and you can see for yourself a sample the energy delivered each night.

The Black Dahlia Murder, by Meg Loyal Photography

The Black Dahlia Murder, by Meg Loyal Photography

The Black Dahlia Murder, by Meg Loyal Photography

The Black Dahlia Murder, by Meg Loyal Photography


The Black Dahlia Murder, by Meg Loyal Photography

The Black Dahlia Murder, by Meg Loyal Photography


The Black Dahlia Murder, by Meg Loyal Photography

The Black Dahlia Murder, by Meg Loyal Photography


Goatwhore, by Meg Loyal Photography

Goatwhore, by Meg Loyal Photography


Iron Reagan, by Meg Loyal Photography

Iron Reagan, by Meg Loyal Photography


Entheos, by Meg Loyal Photography

Artificial Brain 2015 meg burcina www.loyalphoto.com (6 of 8)

Artificial Brain , by Meg Loyal Photography

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