Pantera’s “Far Beyond Driven” Turns 25 Years Old

It’s the mid-nineties and while the economy is flourishing, our president gets cool points for playing the sax on television and we have Super Metroid, we still found the need to complain. And of all the things to moan about during that decade, one of the silliest is to decry the lack of decent metal. Did we all suddenly forget that Pantera dropped possibly the heaviest release to debut atop the Billboard Top 200 in Far Beyond Driven (Eastwest)? Continue reading

Neurosis Drummer Jason Roeder Sells Drumkit On Ebay To Raise Money For Wildfire Relief

Legendary Neurosis and SLEEP drummer Jason Roeder has completed the auction of his treasured drumset on ebay, of which the proceeds will go to the Sonoma County North Bay Fire Relief Fund to help victims of the October wildfires that devastated California. More information about the relief efforts can be found here . Continue reading