CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Quicksand Released “Manic Compression” 25 Years Ago

Post-Hardcore is a sub-genre that gets tossed around today as commonplace, but in the early 1990s, it was a new little brother that the older sibling was not ready to cede attention to. As Hardcore Punk mutated into other offshoots, post-Hardcore started to gain ground. In New York City alone, the epicenter for many new waves of hardcore music, a lot of bands crossed over (see what we did there) and bands started to absorb elements of both with Prong, White Zombie, and Biohazard were all leaning more on metal vibes, Quicksand formed by members of ex-hardcore legend status bands we’re pushing towards a new sound. Heavy, but not in a tough guy way, vulnerable, but smart. By the time the members of essential musical outfits Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Beyond, Bold, Burn, and Collapse formed an anti-supergroup, released demos and the amazing Slip (Polydor) album, and toured tirelessly, fans in the scene could feel they were building to something huge. They walked in both worlds of Punk and Metal but were also world-building themselves at the same time. Continue reading

“Empire Records” Actor Ethan Embry Looks To “Get Even” with GWAR at Riot Fest

In a feature over at, actor Ethan Embry recounts how the character he portrayed Mark in cult classic Empire Records was devoured by GWAR’s World Maggot in a drug-induced fever dream. With GWAR added to Riot Fest 2019, Embrey seeks to settle the score” with the band. Watch the classic scene from the movie and Embry’s response. Continue reading

GWAR Celebrating 20th Anniverary of Empire Records Film


GWAR will be commemorating the 20th anniversary of the film Empire Records, in which the band had a starting role.

They will be making an appearance at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY during April 8-10, 2015. Watch the clip from the movie below, with actor Ethan Embry’s Marc character getting pulled into a GWAR video.