My Favorite Concert Memory … Rae Amitay of Immortal Bird

Immortal Bird, by Black Pearl Photo


As I’ve been to too many shows, I can’t possibly answer that! I will say that my most memorable concert experience recently was seeing Ihsahn at MDF last year (Editor’s note -2013). He and his band were incredible. I’ve been wanting to see them for so long, finally getting that opportunity was mind-blowing. Another memorable show that took place a bit further back was seeing Dillinger Escape Plan on my eighteenth birthday. That was absolutely insane. Anyone who has seen them can tell you that their live show is unparalleled.”

Ihsahn with Emperor, photo by Emma Stone

Ihsahn with Emperor, by Emma Stone Photography

Dillinger Escape Plan, by Meg Loyal Photography

Dillinger Escape Plan, by Meg Loyal Photography

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Corrosion Of Conformity – Hang The Bastard: Live at Academy 2, Manchester

COC with Pepper UK tour poster 2015


The reunion of the classic Deliverance line up is hotly anticipated with a sold out crowd ready to greet Pepper Keenan and the rest of Corrosion Of Conformity.

Kicking the night off in fine style were London based bringers of sludgy despicable metal Hang The Bastard, and boy were they sludgy. Looking like the Born Too Late-era Saint Vitus (only with less convictions for holding onto Walter White’s stash) and sounding just as punishing, like a wave of grim descended upon the venue. Drawing mainly on their last album Sex In The Seventh Circle the five piece slam through their 45 minute repertoire of heavy lumbering riffs and ear piercing vocals against a constant wall of nothing but uninterrupted feedback. The simple stage set up of red lights throughout added to the hazy almost bleak red room from Twin Peaks feel to the evening, if only instead of weirdest the backwards talking dwarf was replaced by riffs that made your brain want to dribble out of your ears. The fact the PA in the venue was blisteringly loud didn’t half improve the bands’ set, making a hypnotic wall of sound that crumbled each time the bands rumbling bass sound kicked back in.

Playing a set comprised of In The Arms Of God and fan favourites Wiseblood and Deliverance this evening has a greatly celebratory feel from the off as ‘These Shrouded Temples’ and the stomping ‘Señor Limpio’ kick tonight into gear.


Keenan grins from ear to ear as fans raise their fists and voices for ‘King Of The Rotten’ and underground hit ‘Albatross’ which threatens to take the roof off. Woody Weatherman clearly enjoys having his fellow riffmeister back in the fold, trading off licks while Messrs Dean and Mullin hold down the groove with an almost telepathic ease. There are plenty of surprises too. ‘Goodbye Windows’ is given its live debut and ‘Broken Man’ is aired for the first time in nearly twenty years. A stellar performance which receives a rapturous reception, the North Carolinians reputation as a jewel in the crowd of underground metal was cemented tonight.





Bloodstock Open Air 2014 Re-Revisited

Another Bloodstock Open Air is in the rearview and other festivals are on the horizon, with many announcements already being made for 2015. One thing we like to do here at Ghost Cult is recognize some of the smaller bands you may not have heard about or may have missed. Photographer Emma Stone caught a lot of the unsung bands of the weekend for us. Below is a slide show of some of those bands such as Blood Red Throne, Canyon Observer, Krokodil, and Obsidian Kingdom. They may not be the banner acts such as Megadeth, Down or Emperor, but they more than earned their keep. Thanks Emma!


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Emma Stone Photography

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