I Prevail Shares a New Single and Video “DOA” ft. Joyner Lucas

I Prevail have today dropped a new video for the song ‘DOA,’ featuring rapper Joyner Lucas who has celebrated a Platinum-certified album & a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Song for his co-write and feature on Eminem’s ‘Lucky You’. The video has a trigger warning for graphic violence, viewer discretion is advised. I Prevail previously shot videos that provoke conversations around depression, anxiety, physical abuse and many more so it makes sense they address prevalent issues in the states with ‘DOA’.

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You Can Purchase the Royalty Rights to Slipknot’s “All Hope is Gone” Album For a Limited Time

Royalty Exchange, the brand that administers rights of bands and artists’ future rights is offering a portion of Slipknot’s future royalties on their 20089 platinum album All Hope Is Gone (Roadrunner Records). Previously this was owned by the producer of the album. You will need deep pockets to win, as the current bid was $758,000, with bids set to end on Monday, May 4 at 3PM MDT. The first distribution payment will come on Sept. 30, 2020, with future distributions being paid biannually. For additional details and to get in on the bidding, check out the Royalty Exchange auction at the link below. The winning bidder will have the opportunity to own a slice of the group’s music whenever it is played, which is all the time. Royalty Exchange has revealed that the total earnings for the All Hope Is Gone album grew 20 percent in 2019 over the previous year. Streaming subscriptions have also helped drive the growth, resulting in 73 percent of last year’s earnings. That marks a 40 percent increase over the prior year in that area. All five of the top-earning songs in the catalog earned more last year than in 2018, with four of them growing by double-digit totals. In addition, the Royalty Exchange producer royalties auction not only includes Slipknot’s All Hope Is Gone, but also Simple Plan’s self-titled 2008 record. The winning bidder will collect royalties generated from any sales, streaming, and sync fees for either album, as well as the individual singles contained on both. Sales and streaming, in particular, pay a greater share of revenue to sound recording royalties over composition royalties. Thsi may seem weird, but it is commonplace in the industry. Famous musicians who have sold off part or all of their royalties include David Bowie, Eminem, Nirvana, and KK Downing of Judas Priest. Continue reading

Cypress Hill to Host Livestream Q and A for the 20th Anniversary of their “Skull and Bones” Album

Cypress Hill will celebrate its 2000 album, the epic Rap and Metal double album Skull and Bones(Columbia) today with a livestream Q & A from the band. The album, best known for their huge hit singles ‘Rap Superstar’ and ‘Rock Superstar’, is one of the groups ‘ best and features guest turns from Everlast, Eminem, N.O.R.E., Christian Olde Wolbers (now formerly of)and Dino Cazares of Fear Factory, Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine, and Chino Moreno of Deftones. The band will live on Facebook and YouTube with host Rob Markman to spin the record and take your questions t the links below. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: January 17th New Music Releases

Purchase And Stream All The New Music Released Today!

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GUEST POST: Adam Jones From Deathflux – Top Albums Of 2018

Nottingham UK Modern Metal band Deathflux leveled up in their career in 2018, releasing their killer new album, Execrated, and playing a ton of gigs and festivals to support it. Vocalist Adam Jones has shared his top albums of 2018, a heavy yet eclectic mix, with Ghost Cult’s readers.Continue reading

December 7th 2018 New Music Releases

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REVIEWS ROUND-UP: Week 43 (2017) – feat. Savage Messiah, Winds of Plague, Hollywood Undead, Sparzanza and more…

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Neurotic November – Fighting Words


Neurotic November claim to be “Hood Metal”, which if their latest effort, second album Fighting Words (Victory), is anything to go by appears to be fairly straight (Metalcore flavoured) djent lightly seasoned here and there with some low-rent rap sections. I genuinely struggle to see why these guys have gotten such a bad press. I’ve certainly had a lot worse presented to me as genius. While they’re never going to set the world on fire, they at least have their own sound and no-one should in good faith paint them as The Worst Band In The World whilst brokeNCYDE is still a thing…

Fighting Words is a solid improvement on the last album – 2013’s Anunnaki (Victory) – featuring a fatter, tighter sound and more lavish production (from Joey Sturgis, the man behind the deck for Asking Alexandria and The Devil Wears Prada) . The song-writing is a lot better too with some nice guitar hooks, and half-decent vocal flows that wouldn’t sound out of place on an early Stuck Mojo album.

‘The Truth About You’ is a synth-heavy start to the proceedings that is certainly decent enough to get the head nodding. ‘So Hollow’ is a Slipknot-inspired thrasher which leads us into ‘Everglades’ which features guest roars from King Conquer‘s James Mislow. ‘On The Come Up’ is the standout track on the album with the afore-mentioned Stuck Mojo similarities. ‘Rockstar’ bounces along quite nicely in an adequately average djent stylee through ‘2004 – present’ (more of the same) until we arrive at the quirky ‘Wasabi Anguish Pt. II’ which I have to admit I have a soft spot for; it’s basically a mashup of After The Burial and Eminem with some Die Antwoord influences.

So whilst Fighting Words isn’t great, it’s certainly not shit either. If non-mainstream rap metal’s your bag, it’s worth a look.





Speaking Hebrish To The World: Kosha Dillz

Kosha Dillz. Photo Credit: Amelia Burns (via Facebook)

Kosha Dillz. Photo Credit: Amelia Burns (via Facebook)

Being an indie artist in modern times can be quite the adventure, as learning how to win over an audience becomes a challenge. For New Jersey (now Los Angeles based) indie rapper Kosha Dillz, he spent this past summer on the Vans Warped Tour and expanded is networking base in front of a new audience he has spent the past few years building up.

So how has the Warped Tour treated him? “So far so good – it’s a cliché answer but after yesterday we’re learning a lot every day. This is the third show and it went really well. We got a nice set and we’re alternating our sets too so everyone’s getting a different experience.”

We’re learning how to promote ourselves. It’s a different beast out here. It’s not like anything I’ve ever done. I’m grateful for that but also I’m a novice here. I may be experienced at what I do but out here I’m a newbie and it’s nice to learn a lot. I love learning,” he said.

Kosha Dillz Live At Vans Warped Tour 2015

Kosha Dillz Live At Vans Warped Tour 2015

Dillz originates from Edison, NJ and was born to Israeli immigrants. While his musical origins began in rap battles in New York City, he gradually incorporated his Jewish roots into his music and slowly shaped his sound into something a bit outside of the norm in the hip hop world.

I grew up in New Jersey so not New York. People think it’s New York. I grew up rapping in New York starting up. I would drive up to the city or take a train. I did mostly sports, like wrestling and soccer. [I] wrestled in college, then I had a big stint with drugs, addiction, jails, institutions, and then came hip hop and became a hip hop a mania. It was a hardcore hip hop and underground hip hop festivals in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe, and winning rap battles in the rap battle scene. I was finding success late. We didn’t have social media when I was seventeen. It was a whole another world.

Kosha Dillz Live At Vans Warped Tour 2015

Kosha Dillz Live At Vans Warped Tour 2015

Rapping in English, Spanish and Hebrew is something that sets Dillz apart from the pack. Fusing his cultural roots with his surroundings in New York and New Jersey has inspired him to create his music in a way to introduce listeners into his unique yet eclectic world.

I really try to embrace the culture part. I understand that I’m very different to people, so I say let me do something special. Let me try to do something different that no one else is doing and be dope. You can do different stuff like standing on your head, but I don’t think that’s dope. If you are making an amazing song that’s completely different from everyone else, so I was the rapper in Hebrew and Spanish – I was known for that. It sort of has a street hip hop flow, and freestyle at all shows keeps it like who knows what’s going to happen and create that space and energy. I think you have to do that when not everyone knows you. It’s show and prove out here. You have to tell them you’re dope and let them know what’s up.

Dillz has made a career of releasing his own music through Murs’ label Murs 316 and is running a Kickstarter campaign for his forthcoming album.

The rapper Murs helped put out my last album (Awkward In a Good Way) digitally. I just did a Kickstarter for my new project called What I Do All Day and Pickle. It’s kind of a spoof on Velvet Underground and Nico.

The songs I’m performing are from Awkward in a Good Way, my album with Murs. It has Murs and Gangsta Boo (of Three 6 Mafia) on there, and I also have some tracks from Varsity Blues. It’s called “Varsity Blues.” I’ve got “What I Do All Day,” which features Flint Flossy from Turquoise Jeep, a real big YouTube sensation. I have a lot of songs with vocals on them, like singers experimenting with R & B. Just creating music and getting it out there.

He admits that events like Warped Tour have pushed him to work harder to reach new fans on every step of his adventure. Every step of the way has helped him shape his approach on how to reach new fans.

I was addicted to the hustle and the DIY nature of things and the personal interaction. I was always good at that. So on Warped Tour, I did a tent called Bring It Back. It was a hip hop tent and all elements of hip hop, breaking, graffiti, DJing, MCing, and dance. They’d stop people and start a show. Then you’d get a big crowd and making it look good for photos and everyone would get nuts. Next thing you know people are watching it. People enjoy watching the others that are working hard to get where they are.

On this tour, on the set it’s another beast because the heroes are the person that is travelling, passing out the fliers and helping others. In no other culture is there anything where people are like ‘I’ll help you get stuff out of the trunk’ or ‘do everything for free’ so people can hear my music. The platform has been created to reach over a half a million people of likewise weirdos that’s gonna be like ‘yeah!’ Does this world exist? It does exist. It’s Warped Tour. It’s all different kinds of music – Eminem, Yelawolf…Katy Perry, Rancid, Green Day…so many different kinds of acts. At least on the hip hop reign, I’m filling in big shoes and I’m doing pretty good. So far so good and it’s only gonna get better as we go on.

Dillz learned how that a family oriented environment like Warped Tour has helped him reach new fans. The ethic behind helping one another has rubbed off on his in a positive way

It’s a very family oriented thing. It’s a great example for regular music because it should be family oriented – Like I support you because I want to support you. Ideally you would support me too. You can do whatever you want but this is spoken for so of course you’re supporting other people.

One thing I’m doing is I’m leaving my promotional stuff around by the bands. I want to make sure the bands know when to come see me. Getting the respect I deserve on the musical level – people know me for the hustle but not everyone for my music. This is a great time for them to hear my music. That’s what I’m really so happy about because to be given a proper opportunity for promotion – this is it.

He admits that punk rock was something he was also somewhat exposed to at an early age as well. “The first show I ever went to was sort of punk rock. It was punk rock. I was going to say a New Jersey hardcore show. Our neighbor was in the band. I headbanged until my neck got so sore. I remember it. I only remembered that story on this tour.

Then I did hip hop starting at 17 and performing. Now I’m rocking all over the hip hop, the rock, [and] indie rock. I really graduated from pop. I really love pop music. I’m trying to write a hit song. I would love that everyone loved a hit song that people like. So that’s cool.

Lastly, Kosha Dillz shared his interaction with metal and punk with his music. While his sound leans more towards hip hop, he is open to collaborating with other artists.

I did a remix over GWAR once. Years ago I rapped over GWAR. If anyone wants to work with me and say ‘hey man…let me get you on this’…I’m just grateful people step to me and ask me. If it interests anybody or if anyone out there is listening…it doesn’t matter if they’re small or big…I like anything that’s dope. I would like to do something with Knuckle Puck or Man Overboard because they’re from New Jersey.

By Rei Nishimoto

Scare Don’t Fear Streaming “The Way I Am” Cover

nonpoint 36 crazyfists scare dont fear north american tour

Rap/metal outfit Scare Don’t Fearwill be supportingNonpoint and 36 Crazyfists on an upcoming North Americans tour this spring, in support of their debut album From the Ground Up,” out now via Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria’s KBB Records.

Mar 26: Limelight Eventplex – Peoria, IL
Mar 27: The Wicked Moose – Rochester, MN
Mar 29: The Original – Minot, ND
Mar 31: Stage 112 – Missoula, MT
Apr 01: The Peppertree – Idaho Falls, ID
Apr 03: Revolution – Boise, ID
Apr 04: The Palomino – Spokane, WA
Apr 05: Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
Apr 06: Tonic Lounge – Portland, OR
Apr 08: DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
Apr 09; House Of Blues – West Hollywood, CA
Apr 10: Vinyl – Las Vegas, NV
Apr 14: Austin, TX – Red 7
Apr 16: Scout Bar – Houston, TX
Apr 17: The Silo – Abilene, TX
Apr 19: Lonestar Amphitheater – Lubbock, TX
Apr 21: Juanita’s – Little Rock, AR
Apr 24: Club LA – Destin, FL

The band also are streaming a cover of Eminem’s “The Way I Am,” which can be streamed below.