Dreadnought – Emergence

When allied to a sonic experience the term ‘Dreadnought‘ usually alludes to a bruising encounter with little imagination or subtlety. Not so the Denver quartet bearing that name, whose brand of Prog Metal is an eclectic mix of the weird, heavy and profoundly charming, and which spans many genres of music.Continue reading

Basilysk – Emergence

Progressive music and Death Metal have always been strange but undeniable bedfellows. From the very early days of Death’s career, Chuck Schuldiner would play with a technical precision akin to the most progressive bands around and this overt musicianship has continued through the genres’ long and storied histories, from Dream Theater to Tool to Black Peaks, and from Cannibal Corpse to Venom Prison. Musical dexterity is the cornerstone of the two genres, so when they collide you get something mind-bendingly complex.Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Basilysk – “Clouds”

Death metallers Basilysk are releasing their crushing new album Emergence, next week. The band has shared their instrumental super special bonus track ‘Clouds’, for your listening pleasure at Ghost Cult today. The track is a left turn from most of Emergence, but the band didn’t want to withhold the awesomeness from their fans. Jam is out now!Continue reading

Godsticks – Faced With Rage

Whilst perhaps not the most obvious sounding progressive band, Wales’ Godsticks are one that have undergone some significant transformation over their course. 2015’s Emergence (self-released) particularly showed a grittier edge with a heavier, near metallic sound and feel throughout. In this time, mainman Darran Charles has had an influential stint with proggers The Pineapple Thief during a very successful time for them, whilst Godsticks themselves have signed to Kscope (also home to The Pineapple Thief). Perhaps as a result of Charles’ time with PT, latest album Faced With Rage is the band’s most rounded album and feels like a pinnacle of their career to date.Continue reading