Audio: Free Music From US/Them Group


Check out some new music courtesy of our friends at US/THEM Group below.

01: Indian Handcrafts – It’s Late Queeny (Sargent House)
02: Bill Mountain – Let’s Get It Started (Bill Mountain Music)
03: Mylets – Trembling Hands (Sargent House)
04: Limb – Ghost Dance (New Heavy Sounds)
05: Slow Season – Heavy (RidingEasy)
06: Salem’s Pot – The Vampire Strikes Back (RidingEasy)
07: Ghost Against Ghost – still love [preview edit] (Our Silent Canvas)
08: Jad Fair & Jason Willett – The Greatest Power (Dymaxion Groove)
09: Boss Battle – Ride
10: And So I Watch You From Afar – Wasps (Sargent House)
11: Pink Frost – Striking Violet (Smart Like Virus)
12: Shooting Guns – Barnburner (RidingEasy)
13: Sons of Huns – An Evil Unseen (RidingEasy)
14: Birch – Halfway
15: Mothertapes – Aftermath (SELF Group)
16: Lowercase Noises – Death In A Garden
17: Monolord – Cursing The One (RidingEasy)
18: Spelljammer – The Pathfinder (RidingEasy)
19: Electric Citizen – Beggar’s Need (RidingEasy)
20: Elephant Rifle – Bone Voyage (Humaniterrorist)
21: Birch – Fighting Words
22: Mondo Drag – Shifting Sands (RidingEasy)
23: A Troop of Echoes – Small Fires

Video: Drunk Dad – Whiskey Liver

drunk dad

Northwestern hardcore/noise outfit Drunk Dad is streaming their performance doing “Whiskey Liver” in HD A/V with TVPDX Portland Television studios below. The band will also be doing a string of upcoming live dates supporting their album Ripper Killer, out now via Eolian Empire.

May 21: The Colonial Cafe – Sacramento, CA (w/ Columbian Necktie, XtomhanX)
May 22: The Golden Bull – Oakland, CA (w/ Ditch Witch, Crypt Trip, Hellbeard)
May 24: The Loving Cup – Reno, NV (w/ Elephant Rifle, Sisters Doom)

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Timekiller Streaming “Sick Of Myself”

eolian empire (we've got) fiends in low places

Brazilian metallers are streaming Timekiller‘s “Sick Of Myself” off Eolian Empire’s (We’ve Got) FIENDS IN LOW PLACES: Heavy Vibes Internationale compilation, out February 3, 2015, here.

Listen to UK based Meadows’ “I Am Gobshite” here, and Finland’s Throat’s “Clean Cleaner” here.

A gnarled calling card with more than fifty minutes of audio, the fifteen stark, aggressive, noise-laden tunes on FIENDS IN LOW PLACES are worked over with smarts and wicked humor on this compilation of exclusive tracks. With contributions from THROAT (Finland), ARABROT (Norway), HEALTH PROBLEMS (USA), MoE (Norway), THE GREAT SABATINI (Canada), DEAD (Australia), BASTARD OF THE SKIES (England), HOMBRE MALO (Norway), SAME-SEX DICTATOR(USA), TEEPH (USA), CYBERNE (Japan), TIMEKILLER (Brazil), ELEPHANT RIFLE (USA), BATPISS (Australia), and MEADOWS (England), the comp is a wild trip through twisted noise rock, bludgeoning sludge, psychotic metal, blackened hardcore, and damaged punk, with each act’s warped worldview in full effect.

(We’ve Got) FIENDS IN LOW PLACES is the sequel and companion compilation to the (We’ve Gotta) KEEP OUR HEADS: Heavy Vibes from Portland, Oregon, yet instead of focusing on Portland-based acts as with the label’s twenty-nine previous releases, FIENDS IN LOW PLACES marks a new low for the Eolian horde, as its contributions were culled from friends playing off-the-wall heavy music in overlapping scenes internationally.

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Eolian Empire Streaming Meadows’ “I Am Gobshite”

eolian empire (we've got) fiends in low places

Eolian Empire is streaming Meadows’ “I Am Gobshite”, from the (We’ve Got) FIENDS IN LOW PLACES: Heavy Vibes Internationale compilation, here.

FIENDS IN LOW PLACES: Heavy Vibes Internationale Track Listing:
1. MEADOWS “Gobshite”
2. SAME-SEX DICTATOR “Mass Krusader”
3. ARABROT “The Libertine”
4. THROAT “Clean Cleaner”
5. CYBERNE “Pozes”
6. HEALTH PROBLEMS “A Stuck Horse”
7. BASTARD OF THE SKIES “Brass Cattle”
9. BATPISS “Heavy Smoke (Stoned to Death)”
10. TEEPH “Church Vape Sesh”
11. HOMBRE MALO “The Fall”
12. TIMEKILLER “Sick of Myself”
13. MOE “Where’s the DJ”
14. ELEPHANT RIFLE “Frat Poison”
15. DEAD “Rabbits”

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