Free Download: Happy Metal Annihilation Vol 5

amr_sampler_vol 5 cover_new-final

Asher Media Relations has a new holiday sampler Happy Metal Annihilation Vol. 5 available as a free download below.

The track listing is as follows:
01: Accursed Spawn – Clotheshanger Abortion
02: Adrenechrome – The Lead Elephant
03: Aggression – Cut Your Sins Off (Galy Records)
04: Arrival Of Autumn – Like Fire
05: BLEED – Hate March Kill
06: BornBroken – A Nation of Ignorance
07: Cryptic Hymn – Revel In Disgust
08: Defect Designer – Crusaders (Sleaszy Rider Records)
09: Display of Decay – Created To Kill
10: Elderoth – Black And Blue
11: Éohum – Equatorial Rains
12: [Evertrapped] – Palace of Injustice (Hellstorm Recordz)
13: Evilheart – Decimated Opposition (Test Your Metal Records)
14: Exes For Eyes – Done For Good feat Speed Strid of Soilwork
15: Fall City Fall – Love And Art
16: Fallen Angels – Nightmare (Cyberdyne Records)
17: False Flag – Nest Of Vipers
18: FUCK THE FACTS – Solitude (Noise Salvation)
19: Gomorrah – A Disaster’s Nightmare (Test Your Metal Records)
20: Haiduk – Syth
21: Helleborus – Coils
22: Hibria – Pain (Test Your Metal Records)
23: id. – Sagittarius A
24: Infalling– Distorted Visions
25: Inverted Serenity – Everscending
26: Keychain – Shock Rock City
27: Leave The Living – Word of a Whore
28: Meridius – Walk the Plank
29: MUTANK – Corporate Child
30: New Jacobin Club – Parade of Innocents (Manticore Music Group)
31: Odium – Return to Form
32: Psychostick – Obey The Beard
33: Puttin’ On The Foil – Giver To The Liver
34: Pyramids On Mars – Heaven’s Gate
35: Saints of Death – Blood Vendetta
36: Scissortooth – 10 30 (Galy Records)
37: Seven Year Storm – Dyatlov
38: Silent Line – Black and White
39: Striker – Too Late
40: The Apex – Glass Walls
41: The Order of Chaos – Apocalypse Moon
42: Them County Bastardz – No Easy Way
43: Titans Eve – War Path
44: Train Bigger Monkeys – Lack of Morality
45: Tylor Dory Trio – Time The Beholder
46: Van Halst – Save Me
47: Vantablack Warship – The Pit
48: Vesperia – The Western Tempests
49: WILT – Illusion of Hope (Bindrune Recordings)
50: Windy City Slaughter – A Grave For Two
51. XUL – Orbit of Nemesis

Elderoth – Mystic


Mystic (Elderoth Entertainment Inc.) is the second album by Canadian Prog project Elderoth. While there is a live line-up, the album is entirely written, played, and produced by Collin McGee. He aims to mix exotic instruments with the Western progressive style.

From the first notes to the last, this music is very in-your-face. There is usually a scale being played by some instrument somewhere, possibly by several at once. At the start this seems like a minor quirk, but as the album progressed I found myself becoming more and more agitated. There is too much of everything.

‘This Shadow By My Side’ has a very busy intro, which sounds all right, and then a total change to the rest of the music. The change at 2:10 is really well done, but a mere 20 seconds later there is another ill-fitting change. Changes in prog are cool, but make them fit the music, rather than just stopping and starting at random every so many bars.

‘My Future’ has a really strange, almost disco-like feel at the start that is weird but not entirely unpleasant. The vocals aren’t necessarily bad, but they often sound constricted. He needs to sing more towards the end to the sentence so that the final word doesn’t just fall into an abyss of mumbling. This song has a very nice symphonic interlude that is really well balanced and is probably my favourite section on the album.

And then there’s ‘Falling Star’. Musically this is far from the worst song on the album, although it would definitely have been better off without the synths in the intro, but this song does feature some of the worst lyrics I have heard all year. Note to any songwriters: if your chorus sounds like you took your rhyme from ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, you’re doing something wrong. It was the most cringeworthy part of the album and I had to skip the rest of the song at some point.

There are a lot of really good elements and that for me is where the problem lies. There are too many different things going on at once for me to be at all comfortable listening to this, and there are too many changes that don’t work well. Perhaps it is less jarring for those who do not suffer from hypersensitivity disorder. I really hope Collin McGee learns the benefits of silence and calm, because I think he could do so much better than this. He has proven that he can write interesting lines with interesting instruments, now he just needs to not use all of them at once.



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Album Stream: Elderoth – Mystic


Montreal metallers Elderoth is streaming their new album Mystic below. The band fuses metal music with Asian instruments from East Asia, intertwining modern North American and European styles into a unique sounding experience.

Track Listing – Elderoth – Mystic:
01: Within (1:01)
02: Black and Blue (4:15)
03: This Shadow By My Side (4:48)
04: My Future (3:27)
05: Falling Star (4:09)
06: In A Dream (3:36)
07: The Ocean (4:35)
08: Far In The Sea (4:27)
09: Always Remember (3:56)
Album Length: 34:17

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elderoth_this shadow by my side

Elderoth Streaming “This Shadow Be My Side”


Montreal progressive metallers Elderoth is streaming “This Shadow By My Side,” off their forthcoming sophomore album Mystic, due April 28, 2015 below.

Track Listing – Elderoth – Mystic:
1. Within (1:01)
2. Black and Blue (4:15)
3. This Shadow By My Side (4:48)
4. My Future (3:27)
5. Falling Star (4:09)
6. In A Dream (3:36)
7. The Ocean (4:35)
8. Far In The Sea (4:27)
9. Always Remember (3:56)
Album Length: 34:17

elderoth_this shadow by my side

The band’s 2015 lineup features founding member Collin McGee on guitars and vocals with Xavier Sperdouklis on bass, Vincent Harnois on guitars and Jessy Normand on drums. Mcgee, the man behind the vision of Elderoth is the primary author, composer, lead guitarist, and singer. Through his years of being self-taught, studying music theory and composing endlessly, McGee has mastered composition on guitar and other instruments at a world-class level, along with writing lyrics and developing his vocals to a professional level that stands out in the audio mix both live and in the studio.

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