STAFF PICKS: Weslie Negrón’s Top 20 Albums of 2020

Instead of reminding everyone of the horrible year we’ve had by sharing this list of my top 20 albums of 2020 with all of you, I want to think that I am sharing new music that can keep being an outlet to rely on when times are tough. We’re in a moment in time where we’re all vulnerable and music keeps being one of the best tools to help our mental health. The following albums are the ones that helped me go through the year and I hope you find something that you can add to your playlist and enjoy it as much as I do. Within each album, there is the country, genre, and their Bandcamp links (for those that have Bandcamp) in case you want to directly support them in these troubled times.

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Moths PR To Perform as Part of Heresy Fest Online, Concluding This Weekend

While the Music Industry in 2020 has had to adapt itself to all the consequences that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought, besides few to no concerts, the ones that do happen still have limited capacity for the time being. One of the ways that the Heavy Metal community has tried to keep the reach of bands alive is by the emergence of streami9ng events and Online Music Festivals from all over the world. One of these festivals is the Heresy Fest Online, directly from Argentina, with days 3 and 4, this weekend This festival started in 2018 with the main focus on supporting upcoming bands from all over the world, and through this pandemic, they have been able to do so through online streaming. Gathering about 60 bands from all over the world, the Heresy Fest online will also see a performance from the Puerto Rican Stoner/Progressive Metal band Moths PR this upcoming Sunday, October 11th. The festival is being live-streamed through Youtube and you can set a reminder at this link here:Continue reading