Dumb and Dumbest Episode #267: Dave of Heavy Metal Merchant

Although no one wants to think their music career is just one stop on the journey, it’s good to pick up skills along the way in order to build a future career in the industry. Merchandise is an essential part of being a professional band, so use professional operations such as Sticker Mule. They’ve got low minimums and free shipping on products like custom Band Stickers​.Dumb and Dumbest #267 is streaming now and it’s an interview with Dave of Heavy Metal Merchant!Dumb and Dumbest is hosted by Matt Bacon (Media, Ripple Music, Prophecy Productions) and PublicistCurtis Dewar (Dewar PR), in addition to the podcast, Matt and Curtis host The Music Marketing Challenge, a low-cost, super high-value private training to bands and artists. Get hands-on practical experience to market your band like a pro today! Message them at the links below. Continue reading