Disappears – Era

disappears-era-albumChicago’s Disappears have been an interesting, if sometimes frustrating band to follow. Their garage rock sound, typically drenched in reverb, tremolo and plenty of distortion is fairly straightforward on the surface. But listen closely and there are subtle nods to everything from Krautrock, deathrock, shoegaze, psychedelia and funk. Suddenly they become a monstrously groovy prospect. Their first two albums, Lux and Guider set them apart as a band to watch. But the momentum was somewhat derailed thanks to a lacklustre third outing on Pre Language. Continue reading

Implodes – Recurring Dream

Implodes - Recurring DreamListening to Recurring Dream from Chicago quartet Implodes is like standing in the eye of a storm whilst still enduring its surrounding tempestuous arms. It is an enveloping concentration of whispering beauty and intensive emotive aural howls which makes an inescapable impact no matter how enriching or corrosive you find the release. The previous albums from the band have investigated and taken inspiration from ‘the deep psychic recesses where our sonic memories first took shape.’ The promo to the new album goes on to declare that ‘With their new album, Recurring Dream, Implodes breathes fresh air. Melodies that were once distant echoes are now suffused with energy and clarity of purpose, submerged rhythms now walk in the light of day.’ That is the band’s intent though maybe not necessarily realised by individual thoughts and emotions the release undoubtedly inspires, it may not ignite the purpose which drove the band to their creativity in the listener but it does trigger an evolving experience of emotion and imagination which marks it as an impressive piece of work. Continue reading