CONCERT REVIEW: Apocalyptica – Lacuna Coil Live at The Majestic Theatre

Detroit’s Midtown is buzzing with culture and is home to some of the best music venues in the city. At the heart of this exciting district rests the prestigious Majestic Theatre. The building is over one hundred years old and carries a lot of music history in its walls. Last Thursday the venue’s marquee lit up with the name Apocalyptica. The Finnish act brought their Cell-0 Tour to Motor City, and they picked the perfect place to promote their latest record. Along with Italy’s Lacuna Coil, the night was set up for an enchanting experience filled with glamor, energy, and theatrics. The brisk April night started off with a queue of symphonic metal enthusiasts lining up around the building. Soon the large and ornate theatre room was filled with eager devotees ready for the music to begin.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Dark Tranquility – Kataklysm – Nailed to Obscurity – Live at Crofoot

The temperature was almost in the single digits last Saturday evening when Dark Tranquility brought their Moment tour to Detroit’s northern suburbs. The poorly plowed roads and the negative degree wind chill did not deter Michigan metalheads from witnessing the trailblazers of Gothenburg’s Melodic Death Metal Scene. Everyone briskly trotted into Pontiac’s acclaimed music hall to catch the two opening acts of the evening. Nailed to Obscurity and Kataklysm were invited along on this tour which made for a deliciously stacked bill. Built in 1830, the Crofoot building is a historic phenomenon and local treasure. The large building contains three venues in one and is known for catering to heavier bands. This prized entertainment complex was a fair choice for a night of big, blistering, music.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Inhuman Condition – Micawber – Crusadist: Live at The Sanctuary

It was a clear and cold night on a wintery Sunday in Detroit, Michigan when Death Metallars, Inhuman Condition brought their “Tourantula” 2022 Tour to town. They arrived at a local’s favorite live music joint, The Sanctuary, along with Midwest’s own Micawber and Crusadist. The quaint-sized venue was the perfect fit for the fans to experience an intimate and enjoyable encounter with these Death Metal experts. Cozied up in the small town of Hamtramck, The Sanctuary caters particularly well to the heavy. With concert spots like this, plus the local acts that opened the evening, Nethergate and Centenary, showed us that the metal scene in Michigan is alive and well.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Swallow The Sun – Abigail Williams – Wilderun – Live at The Sanctuary

It was a cold, rainy evening last Sunday in Motor City, but that didn’t damper the spirits of those attending the metal show happening at The Sanctuary. Residing in the humble hamlet of Hamtramck, next to Detroit, this music venue is the pulse of the heavy scene for the whole city. Many gathered in the quaint sized concert hall because the Doom Metal masters, Swallow the Sun were in town. This legendary act of doom ‘n gloom is on the road promoting their new album Moonflowers (Century Media Records). Plus, they brought along Abigail Williams and Wilderun as their supporting acts, making it a night filled with decadent heaviness.

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Watch Alice Cooper Get A Street Named After Him In Westland, Michigan

Favorite son of Michigan and Rock and Metal legend Alice Cooper had a street named for him on Thursday, September 23. 2021! to unveil “Alice Cooper Court” at Eloise Asylum (30712 Michigan Avenue) in Westland, Michigan, near Detroit. Cpooper’s latest album is Detroit Stories! WCSX-FM morning personality Big Jim O’Brien from “Big Jim’s House” joined Motor City rock legend Alice Cooper Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: White Magician – Dealers In Divinity

Consisting entirely of musicians from the eccentric Demon Bitch with equally esoteric pseudonyms, Detroit’s White Magician settles firmly into the world of heavy Occult Rock on their first full-length album. “The Agents Of Fortune”-esque cover art is enough to indicate that any comparisons to Blue Öyster Cult are likely intentional; the band exercises a similarly freerolling attitude with an ominous undercurrent. But while Dealers Of Divinity (Cruz Del Sur Music) gambles on a well-trod formula, the group seems to have a couple of aces up their sleeves.

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Marilyn Manson Performs “KILL4ME” Live For The First Time

Marilyn Manson, photo credit: Stephanie Cabral

Marilyn Manson kicked off his new U.S. headlining tour last night at The Fillmore Silver Spring in Maryland, and did not disappoint. Continue reading

Doro Pesch Presents Warlock’s Triumph And Agony 30th Anniversary Tour

Doro Pesch is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Warlock‘s Triumph And Agony album in a big way. Continue reading

Watch Video Of Chris Cornell’s Final Performance With Soundgarden

The music world was rocked earlier today as we learned the devastating news that Chris Cornell had passed away at the age of 52. The legendary musician’s final moment on stage was with Soundgarden at Detroit’s Fox Theater last night, and tons of fan footage of the performance has now made its way online. Continue reading

Wilson – Right To Rise

wilsonright (1)

It’s a chilly Sunday morning and I’m in good spirits. I got to sleep in a bit and no hangover in sight. Proper setting for some productive writing. Enter Detroit, Michigan’s Wilson and their sophomore recording, Right to Rise (Razor & Tie).

At first listen you can expect to think that this album is a parody of the muzak currently branding rock radio unlistenable. Lyrically this is the world’s greatest collection of Hard Rock clichés and buzzwords. Some select examples to illustrate my point: “Gasoline pumping through our veins.” “All my friends are dead,” “Can you satisfy me?” “Motor City,” “Right to rise!” What the hell does “Right to Rise” mean, anyways?

But to complement those wonderful nuggets of insight, the playing on Right to Rise makes Hellyeah sound like Rush in comparison. Slab after slab of midtempo rock pounds your brain into submission. And that is not to be mistaken as praise. ‘Windows Down!’ and ‘All My Friends’ are truly the work of a collective that thoroughly enjoys the Jagermeister, pot and tits that come with stardom, but only put forward the most minimal of efforts to reach those perks. Right to Rise belongs in a Dadrock starter pack alongside a pre-owned Corvette, gaudy Affliction clothing and Just for Men Mustache & Beard dye.

And I gave Wilson a fair shake. I spent a good portion of my Sunday re-listening to Right to Rise. Default angry track ‘All My Friends’ comes close to passable as it recalls Godsmack in their more relevant days. ‘The Flood’ has a Billy Squier vibe to it, so that’s gotta mean something, right? Late in the second half of the album ‘I Am the Fly’ and ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ attempt to break up the monotony by throwing in short guitar solos and leads sporadically.

I get it. Your shtick is “Full Blast Fuckery” (again, whatever the hell that means) and living the rock & roll lifestyle. That being said, why are you so opposed to using some of the most basic rock songwriting tools? You know like, dynamics, solos or memorable melodies.

So there you have it. The soundtrack to the Guy Fieri revolution. Full throttle!