Voivod – RRRÖÖÖAAARRR, Killing Technology, Dimension Hatröss RE-MASTERS

It’s hard to believe there was a time when Voivod took top billing above the likes of Soundgarden and Faith No More, but in 1990 that’s exactly what happened. The Canadian Thrash Metal pioneers were at the top of their game and seemed almost unstoppable, their lofty position due in no small part to the trifecta of albums which had preceded the release they were touring at the time – 1989’s Nothingface (MCA); an unholy trio of seminal albums that have been lovingly re-mastered and re-released by BMG.Continue reading

Voivod release ‘Target Earth’ on Cassette


Canadian cult experimental thrash kings Voivod will re-release 2013’s critically acclaimed Target Earth on cassette via Tridroid Records.

The album, which was the first Voivod release since Denis D’Amour passed away and the first to feature Daniel Mongrain on guitar, featured in Ghost Cult Magazine’s Albums of The Year for 2013. It was initially released nearly 2 years ago in January 2013 will be available on cassette for the first time.

To order your copy on tape, you’ll need to visit the Tridroid Bandcamp page here



Target Earth

Kluskap O’Kom

Empathy For The Enemy

Mechanical Mind




Corps Etranger





Steve Tovey