Continuum – Designed Obsolescence

Designed Obsolescence (Unique Leader), the latest LP from Technical Death Metal supergroup (we’ll get to that) Continuum has a quite a bit going for it. Continuum hails from the modern death metal hotbed that is California and features former members of acts ranging from Rings of Saturn, Allegaeon, Pathology, Decrepit Birth and more, so you don’t even have to listen to a single note on Designed Obsolescence to know that these dudes can play. Yeah, they can fucking play with technicality and precision that this writer will never grasp. Continue reading


Decrepit Birth’s “Polarity” Album To See First Time Ever Vinyl Release

Technical Death Metal band Decrepit Birth will see their stellar 2010 release Polarity (Nuclear Blast/Agonia) reissued as a deluxe digipack and special vinyl editions (Orange and Black) for the first time ever. The album releases on April 26th. Pre-orders are live at the ink below. The album is considered the bands’ finest hour, although their other albums such as 2017’s Axis Mundi was also excellent. The album included a cover of Death’s ‘See Through Dreams’ Polarity as recorded at Legion Recording Studio (except for drums at Shark Bite Studios), mixed at Castle Ultimate Studios and mastered at West West Side Studios. Cover artwork by Dan Seagrave (Entombed, Hypocrisy, Vader). Continue reading

Decrepit Birth Frontman Breaks Leg In A Stage Diving Accident

Decrepit Birth, currently co-headlining the Bloodletting North America Tour have had a mishap. Vocalist Bill Robinson leaped off the stage at their last show and ended up breaking his femur when no one in the crowd attempted to catch him last night at Club Red in Mesa, Arizona. The band has announced they will miss the next few shows of the tour with also features Arsis, Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, Angelmaker, and Within Destruction. Continue reading

Internal Bleeding Signs With Unique Leader Records, New Album Coming Soon

Death metal legends Internal Bleeding has signed a new record deal with death metal and progressive label Unique Leader Records. They will bring a new album, Corrupting Influence, on October 19th. The band will share new music and pre-orders bundles soon. IT will be the first album to feature guitarist Chris McCarthy and drummer Kyle Eddy, following the tragic passing of Bill Tolley last year. The band will take part in the upcoming “Bloodletting North America Tour” with ArsisDecrepit Birth, Pyrexia, Angelmaker, and Within Destruction. Continue reading

The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Necrot, Wormwitch Tour Dates

Yesterday The Black Dahlia Murder revealed that they will be releasing their new album, Nightbringers, on October 6th via Metal Blade Records, and now we have the first tour dates in support of the new material. Continue reading

July 21st, 2017 Metal Releases

Check out all of today’s new releases in the heavy metal world! Continue reading

Maryland Deathfest 2017 Part II, Baltimore, Maryland

Hitting the halfway point of Maryland Deathfest is usually a milestone that no one really notices and those who do will actually not speak of it. No one wants to think the weekend is going to end nor that the end is already halfway here. Instead, hangovers are nursed, more questionable food is consumed, and everyone marches back to Rams Head Live and Baltimore Soundstage for another day of partying. Fortunately for myself and my party of friends, we know how to party but dodge the hangovers. So, we made sure to be on time for Soundstage opening up with the first band playing slightly before four in the afternoon. That included polishing off a bottle of vodka left behind by the previous renters of the Air BnB. Thank you to those unnamed heroes!  Continue reading