EP REVIEW: Eyes Of Perdition – Incendiary Truths

Eyes Of Perdition’s debut EP, Incendiary Truths (self-released) reveals much potential for the four-piece, but also leaves a lot to be desired as it seems as though the group is still finding their footing. Understood – of course – because they formed only in 2019.

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Quantum Pig – Songs Of Industry And Sunshine

If there is one thing that recent Progressive Rock acts have done, it is once and for all putting to bed the notion of the genre being predominantly style over substance, with a reliance on over-playing as opposed to having heart. A completely unfair assessment from day one of course; even just a cursory listen to the contemporary Prog Rock leaders such as Riverside, Steven Wilson, and The Pineapple Thief shows both an unwavering sense of emotion and a balance of challenging yet accessible song structuring.Continue reading

Fine Creatures- Electric La La Land


Describing one’s self as “The Dirty Beatles”, however tongue in cheek is pretty self-evidently a bold statement of intent. When it’s a claim made by a group in such an early stage about to release their debut EP release its definitely going to raise some eyebrows. At first glance/listen Electric La La Land (Symptom) may feel like a fairly generic but fun, sunshine ready release; but upon closer inspection Fine Creatures have provided an unexpected level of depth.Continue reading

Wolf King – Loyal To The Soil

For those who hold music as dear to their hearts and their being as much as I’m sure you, the reader do, there is nothing quite like that discovery of a new band, perhaps out of nowhere, that captures so much about what you love in music. That feeling of finding a band in their early stages that stays with you, that smashes it out of the park, perhaps on the first try, and that both excites you so much and that you feel may break out in time to come. Ladies and gentleman; Wolf King may just well be that band for you. Continue reading

Metallica Releases Official Video Of “Spit Out The Bone” Live Debut


Metallica finally gave the incredible closing track of Hardwired…To Self-Destruct its live debut this past Tuesday night, and it did not disappoint. Continue reading

Watch Metallica Perform “Spit Out The Bone” Live For The First Time Ever

Ever since Hardwired…To Self-Destruct hit stores back in November, fans have been patiently waiting for Metallica to perform ‘Spit Out the Bone’ live. Well the wait is officially over. The heavy metal icons kicked off the encore of tonight’s show at The O2 Arena in London with the powerful closing track, and fan footage of the songs live debut is now online. Continue reading

Marilyn Manson Performs “KILL4ME” Live For The First Time

Marilyn Manson, photo credit: Stephanie Cabral

Marilyn Manson kicked off his new U.S. headlining tour last night at The Fillmore Silver Spring in Maryland, and did not disappoint. Continue reading

Sevendust Performs Their Debut Album In Its Entirety In Atlanta

Sevendust had a special treat for their hometown fans in Atlanta over the weekend. Continue reading

Metallica Releases Official Footage of The Live Debut of “Confusion”

Metallica recently added “Confusion” to their set list, and while we already shared fan footage of the song’s live debut with you a few weeks ago, the band has just uploaded pro-shot footage of the track’s debut online. Continue reading