Morgoth Permanently Disbands

Long-running Death Metal band Morgoth has announced they are permanently breaking up. The band had formed in 1985 as Exterminator and operated from 1987-1998 and then reunited in 2010. The band went on hiatus again in 2015, and at the time hinted that they might return. The band posted to their official Facebook page, to bring the news to fans. Their last album was Ungod in 2015, released on Century Media Records.

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Baest Announce New Album – “Necro Sapiens”

Danish death metal band Baest has announced their third full-length album Necro Sapiens out early 2021 via Century Media. More details about the release are coming soon. Formed in 2015, they signed to Century Media in 2018 and have spent the past few years releasing new music and touring with bands like Aborted and Entombed A.D. The band has won a total of three Danish GAFFA awards. Now, Baest is happy to announce their new album and a massive European tour in support of the forthcoming release, with dates opening for Benediction and major festivals, such as Roskilde, in their homeland.

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PODCAST: Episode 85: Maik Weichert of Heaven Shall Burn on “Of Truth And Sacrifice”

Ghost Cult recently caught up with Maik Weichert of Heaven Shall Burn, who just released a brilliant double album (review here), Of Truth And Sacrifice, out now via Century Media Records. We talked to Maik about the German metal legends ambitious decision to create a double album, the meaning behind the topics, their lyrics tackling topics such as content supports anti-racism & anti-fascism along with resistance, oppression and animal rights, their new music videos for ‘Übermacht’ and ‘Eradicate’, his take on the history of the genre, the longevity as a band and much more. Order Of Truth And Sacrifice here and listen to the podcast now! Continue reading

Hivesmasher Teases Summer Tour Dates

Reanimated Techdeath/Grindcore band Hivesmasher posted to their social networks that they are plotting summer 2019 tour dates. The band has played sporadically the last few years after a long hiatus. The band has not released new music since 2012’s brilliant Gutter Choir but has in the past teased new music is not out of the question someday. Continue reading

Carnifex – Slow Death

Carnifex – Slow Death album cover ghostcultmag

Carnifex’s latest LP, Slow Death, is nothing if not about getting down to brass tacks. Quick off the blocks, the San Diego natives jump into the two strongest bangers of the batch, ‘Dark Heart Ceremony’ and ‘Slow Death.’ While doing so, they also set the template of what else to come in the remaining 29 minutes; Carnifex gonna be Carnifex.Continue reading

Crossfaith – Xeno

Crossfaith Xeno album cover 2015

Confession time. Up until two days ago when my editor sent me this assignment I had never heard of Crossfaith. So yeah, for a band that has been kicking since 2006 and consistently on tour it took me until their fourth LP Xeno (Razor & Tie) to acknowledge their existence. I am the definition of timeliness.

Anyways, during my lunch break I browsed the web out of boredom and realized that Crossfaith’s sound has been described as renown for combining metalcore and electronic dance music. Naturally when reading that combination of genres the first thing that comes to mind is “I’ve died and gone to hell.” Immediate visions of laptopcore bands like The Browning and Blood on the Dance Floor flooded the brain. Fuck me.

But don’t knock it till you try it, or at least that’s what the girl as the grocery store seems to always tell me. Look at the bright side, Crossfaith is from Osaka, Japan and the land of the rising son has fostered plenty of eclectic and talented metal bands such as X-Japan, Dir en Grey, and Maximum the Hormone. Just press play.

You only get one chance to make a first impression and Crossfaith for the most part hits the mark. Instead of the Hot Topic goth dance party I was dreading the music on Xeno was actually listenable. Multifarious to a fault, but still listenable. Pretty good, actually. However if you are looking for some dance party action then check out ‘Wildfire’ (featuring Skindred’s Benji Webbe) and it’s unholy matrimony of EDM and Reggae. And I can say with no shame that I blasted it out loud in my car.

Crossfaith band 2015

That being said the tunes here are more in line with Slipknot, mid-career Soilwork and even some Linkin Park for good measure. Frontman Kenta “Ken” Koie leans more on his singing voice on this effort and it helps elevate songs like ‘Raise Your Voice,’ ‘Devil’s Party’ and the excellent title track to radio rock anthem status. In addition to Koie’s strong performance, much attention should also be paid to drummer Tatsuya Amano’s frantic bursts of aggression and producer Josh Wilbur’s (Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb of God) masterful work behind the studio board.

The one moment on Xeno that lost me was power ballad ‘Tears Fall.’ It’s an excellent showcase for Koie’s pipes and it does feature a tuneful solo from guitarist Kazuki Takemura, but it’s way too sappy to fully take seriously. So much so that you could sell it for parts to Bullet for My Valentine. While that gamble doesn’t pay off, Crossfaith pick up the pace again with ‘Paint it Black’ and the drumming showcase that is ‘Vanguard.’ But before the album comes to a close these Osaka natives get a another chance to play with dynamics and texture on ‘Calm the Store’ a melodic track that is much more in line with the aforementioned Linkin Park or Dead Letter Circus.

I feel slightly less hesitant about the melding of electronics and metalcore. Slightly. You done good, Crossfaith.



Bloodbath Releases First Single, New Album Draws Nigh

bloodbath 2014 new lineup


After recent announcement of Bloodbath‘s forthcoming new album Grand Morbid Funeral (Peaceville Records), and the announcement of Paradise Lost vocalist Nick Holmes as the new front man, the band have released the first single ‘Unite In Pain’.


Listen to the track now:




bloodbath album covwer

From The Press Release:

Sweden’s masters of horror, Bloodbath who are set to release their fourth album of supreme death metal – Grand Morbid Funeral on 17th November 2014 through Peaceville Records have unveiled a new track titled ‘Unite in Pain’ which features new vocalist Nick Holmes.

Blakkheim (guitars):Unite In Pain is a very “straight to the death metal bone” kinda song. A morbid cry out to the old school past when things were kept simple but effective. Take the legs of Slayer, the feet of Entombed, the arms of Bathory, the hands of Death and piece them together with the severed head of Bloodbath, shovel a HM-2 pedal down its throat and face the gore, once more!’

Nick Holmes (vocals):The original lyrical content for Unite In Pain was about the human need to wish for a peaceful death without suffering, so I tried to reverse this where only a painful end would suffice. The lyrics were sent to me direct from His Unholyness, and some of the words got lost in translation for ancient Latin to American English.’

The band have also released the full track-listing for Grand Morbid Funeral:

1) Let The Stillborn Come To Me

2) Total Death Exhumed

3) Anne

4) Church Of Vastitas

5) Famine Of God`s Word

6) Mental Abortion

7) Beyond Cremation

8) His Infernal Necropsy

9) Unite In Pain

10) My Torturer

11) Grand Morbid Funeral

Bloodbath is a titan of death metal from Stockholm, Sweden, notable for the inclusion of Katatonia ,Opeth and now Paradise Lost members. Following the departure of Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt and months of speculation and rumour, Nick Holmes was announced as the new vocalist of Bloodbath earlier this month.

Formed in 1998 with a mutual fascination for horror & the glory days of death metal (especially the old Florida & Stockholm ‘Sunlight’ scenes), the band has remained a leading light of extreme metal since their Breeding Death EP was unleashed back in 2000, and a formidable force for 15 years, further cemented by their devastating – and most successful album to date – ‘The Fathomless Mastery’ in 2008. Recorded once again at Ghost Ward Studios and the City of Glass Studios in Stockholm, and mixed by David Castillo, ‘Grand Morbid Funeral’, Bloodbath’s fourth full-length studio release, is undoubtedly the band’s darkest and dirtiest opus yet; an organic collection of filth-ridden tracks straight from the grave, boldly eschewing the approach of somewhat over-produced modern death metal in favour of something altogether more rotten to the bone. With eerie doom-like melodies mixed with raw and savage riffing, and featuring a number of guest appearances including Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler from US gore-masters Autopsy, ‘Grand Morbid Funeral’ is a new high-point of brutality for Bloodbath.

Bloodbath is set to appear on a string of festivals throughout 2015, including Inferno festival (Norway), Neurotic Deathfest (The Netherlands) and Maryland Deathfest (USA) with more tba.


Pre-order the album now via:


Bloodbath on Facebook

Devildriver – Whitechapel – Revocation – Carnifex: Live at the House of Blues W. Hollywood




Multi-bands extreme metal touring packages have become a common theme in recent years, where fans get multiple bands on one bill for a set ticket price and exposing them to newer bands at the same time.


Early door time at 5:30 pm appeared to be a stretch as Fit For An Autopsy and Rivers of Nihil both got early call times and played to early birds who came down to catch their sets. Both put on strong sets of crunching deathcore meets death metal, rarely missing a step and giving the crowd a heedful at the same time. Not letting the light crowd affect them, the crowd got into their respective sets and set the pace for the night.

San Diego’s Carnifex has gotten their name around the metal circuit lately with their powerful blend of metallic hardcore-esque mannerisms with death metal style guitars and breakdowns that got the crowd into their sound. Vocalist Scott Lewis worked the room well and kept the tempo high and the energy even higher. Somehow their diverse sound helped them standout and win over new fans as well as well as people who were already into them.



Revocation has already built a following with their unique blend of technical thrash with odd riffing styles, and energy that goes for hours. Guitarist/vocalist Dave Davidson doesn’t speak much to the crowd but his music does that talking. While their sound doesn’t fit the current wave of Djent riffing styles that has taken the metal world by storm, they found other ways to attract fans and beat them musically silly. The crowd definitely got into them immediately, and their high tempos got the mosh pits going throughout their set.





The big return of Whitechapel was highly anticipated and this time as a co-headlining slot and a longer set time. They brought their trademark deathcore sound and gave the crowd the high energy show they are known for. They featured a good portion of songs from their latest record Our Endless War (Metal Blade), as well as spanning songs from their various releases. Frontman Phil Bozeman worked the crowd and got them moving throughout their whole set. While they have put on strong shows over the years, one small flaw that plagued the band tonight was that their sound did somewhat become a big monotonous and a longer set list made this stand out more than usual. Despite this hiccup, Whitechapel did put on a strong set and showed why they have been one of the bigger deathcore bands on the scene today.



Devildriver came out swinging with their modern thrash metal stylings and took command upon starting. Frontman Dez Fafara came out with his old school mic stand and began barking at the crowd to keep up with the band’s momentum, in which they did. The mosh pits were going and the energy was high. They covered a good cross section of their catalog, including the ‘Sail’ cover which has become a staple part of their set list. They showed why they are still going six albums into their career and no signs of stopping any time soon.

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Devildriver Set List:

End of the Line

Head on to Heartache (Let Them Rot)

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Before the Hangman’s Noose


I Could Care Less

The Appetite

Sail (Awolnation cover)

Hold Back the Day

Dead to Rights

Clouds Over California


Meet the Wretched


Devildriver on Facebook

Whitechapel on Facebook

Revocation on Facebook

Carnifex on Facebook

Rivers of Nihil on Facebook

Fit For An Autopsy on Facebook





The Devil You Know: Live at Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA

There is a certain degree of anticipation for a debut performance of a band, especially when the act features members of well recognized bands. Billed under the name “All Devolved Shall Engage’, this brand new band known as The Devil You Know gave some interested fans a taste of what was to come, and they definitely ate it up immediately.

The band features Howard Jones, the former Killswitch Engage vocalist, as well as All Shall Perish guitarist Francesco Artusato, Devolved drummer John Sankey, Bleeding Through bassist Ryan Wombacher and second guitarist Roy Lev-Ari. The fivesome sounded strong for a band who had never shared a stage together, and definitely had very few kinks to work out throughout the evening.

Jones came out on fire and did not seem to lose a step from his time away from the stage. His new support team complimented him well and he looked very comfortable with them. Wombacher’s interaction with Jones worked well and they looked like they having fun throughout the entire evening during the set.

They gave the eager crowd their first taste of material from their forthcoming album The Beauty of Destruction (Nuclear Blast), and it definitely did not disappoint. Musically The Devil You Know’s sound is heavy emotion driven, somewhat like Jones’ previous outfit, but also features more metal driven guitar parts as well. Songs like ‘Shut It Down’ was one of the few leaked tuned the crowd was somewhat familiar with their tunes.

The Devil You Know gave fans hope for a new band to get excited over in 2014. Very seldomly do brand new acts come out on fire like this and hopefully will attract a lot more fans throughout the year. Do not pass up opportunities to experience them.



The Devil You Know on Facebook

By Rei Nishimoto