ALBUM REVIEW: Memoriam – Rise To Power

For my money, there is no better Death Metal vocalist than Karl Willetts. There is just something about it that just feels like “Classic Death Metal”. His delivery is always on point with the perfect blend of raw power and intensity. His time and contribution to the one and only Bolt Thrower were nothing short of incredible. When the band broke up in 2015, Willets along with Benediction bassist Frank Healy quickly formed Memoriam the following year.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Mithridatum – Harrowing


The juxtaposing contradiction that is Mithridatum’s debut album Harrowing makes it surprisingly difficult to reach a conclusion.

The Willowtip release sees the newly formed trio (featuring former members of Abhorrent, The Faceless) jockeying with a myriad of other bands in an ultra-saturated landscape that is just begging for a group to come along and shatter the mold. As such, it’s nearly career suicide not to stand out from the rest (unless you’re AC/DC). Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Sanguisugabogg – Homicidal Ecstasy


Having taken the death metal world by storm, it is an understatement to say that Sanguisugabogg’s sophomore release, Homicidal Ecstasy (Century Media), is highly anticipated. Everyone and their cool horror movie-obsessed grandmother is looking forward to this record and they will not be let down! Sure, there is some maturation here, and maybe music videos depicting penis monsters duking it out, but this is The Bogg that we all know and love.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Seven Doors – Feast of the Repulsive Dead


The blending of metal and horror is perhaps one of the greatest combinations in the universe. There is just something so satisfying about heavily distorted guitars and lyrics referencing seventies and eighties horror films that hits the perfect spot. It’s the perfect soundtrack to your favorite monster movie.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Ominous Scriptures – Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition

The term Brutal Death Metal is a bit silly, isn’t it? We’re not like the regular death metal with all growling and blast beats. No, we’re somehow more extreme, some may say that we’re “brutal.” We’re death metal for folks who enjoyed the original Four Loko and Taco Bell breakfasts.

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INTERVIEW: Cedrik Davis of Sanguisugabogg on Modern Death Metal and a “Homicidal Ecstasy” Album Breakdown

We caught up with Cedrik Davis of Sanguisugabogg ahead of the release of their new album, “Homicidal Ecstasy” – due out this week via Century Media Records! We chatted about the ascent of the band to the forefront of modern death metal, their varied influences, and a track-by-track analysis of the new album! Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Ashen Horde – Antimony


Chipping away at the putrid exterior, Antimony (Transcending Obscurity) is Ashen Horde tackling a litany of musical techniques, touching upon elements of technical black and death metal. In doing so, guitar solos feel completely organic; the drums drive the rhythms throughout; and the sheer blasphemy housed within the guitars is palpable.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Nothingness – Supraliminal


January is always a strange month for new music as albums will drop, are loved, and then usually become an afterthought by July. Having said that, the sophomore release from Minnesota’s own Nothingness, entitled Supraliminal (Everlasting Spew), is the grimey death metal that will revisit my earholes for months to come. The overall sense of dread on some of the tracks is an added bonus as I do enjoy heavier music with some feelings outside of anger and brutality.

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